Activa 5G – [Full Detail Inside]

Honda, the most leading Japanese brand of two wheeler is up with their new model Activa 5g in India. It was updated at Auto expo 2018 in February. The bookings were already made for this very new model since it was divulged in February. It can be observed that the outer

Activa Side Stand – Check Price & How to Fit [Video]

3 month back I upgraded my old activa with new activa 5G, It was a smooth ride then came to stop, I tried to side stand and boom, there was no side stand in my activa. :o I returned, asked dealer why there is no side stand in my Activa? And to

Activa 5G Colors (2) Best Selling Activa 5G Colours

Before you decide on the best activa 5g colors, you should know the name of all colours variants available. Here is List of all Activa 5G Colors   2 Best Selling Colors [Which] colors are best for Activa 5G? & [Why]? To Choose the best selling colour, first of all, I recommend going with a

How to Start Honda Activa?

how to start activa

Those who recently purchased Activa 5G,  Activa 4G, Activa 3G or Activa 125 and get shocked, that they are not able to start Activa merely pressing the start button. Well, you need to understand the mechanism of Activa which is auto gear and for that reason, you cannot start directly with push button.

Honda Activa 5G DLX vs STD [Difference]

What comes as a fascinating fact is that Honda Motors had recently unveiled the fifth iteration of one of the best selling two-wheelers in India. Honda Activa 5G Deluxe made its debut at the Auto Expo 2018 in the country. Reportedly, the price of the all-new Honda Activa 5G variants

GPS Tracker for Activa

Yesterday I was checking comment on this blog and one of our reader Ngachonmi wrote about the incident where his activa has been stolen and he has no idea how to track it. If he would have GPS Tracker for Activa, he would have easily track it. below is his exact