Activa Side Stand – Check Price & How to Fit [Video]

3 month back I upgraded my old activa with new activa 5G, It was a smooth ride then came to stop, I tried to side stand and boom, there was no side stand in my activa. 😮 I returned, asked dealer why there is no side stand in my Activa? And to shock, I came to know the side stand is not part of standard Activa accessories and I will have to buy it externally. I asked the cost it was 315/- without fitting

While I did research and I came to know many more are felt the same. But to understand and accept, Honda is not giving side stand instead,  it comes with the main stand.

Well, though we have the main stand, side stand is always quick & easy to use and though it is recommended to install one in your Activa 5G or 4G or 3G or 125.

What is the cost of Activa Side stand?

Activa Side Stand

The Side stand cost for Activa all models is 315/- from Honda dealers. If you are looking to buy from online you will get it by 115 to 175/- 

How to Fit Activa side stand?

As the side stand is same for all the Models whether it is Activa 5G, 4G, 3G or Activa 125. You can fit Activa side by manually shown in below video or you can go to a local mechanic to fit it for you.

All you need to ensure the activa side stand spring, fit well and working smoothly so it pull back side stand with little push and you won’t knocked by side gooers suggesting to put off side stand 😛

Please share, how did you get your activa side stand, fitted manually? Comment below  ➡ 

Activa side stand
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