How to Switch off Activa 5G & 4G Headlight?

Last updated: August 2nd, 2018

I guess you are one of the many who really pissed off with headlight being on even in the daytime and Want to know how to switch off Activa 5g / 4g headlight? Well, I want to tell you that there is no system to switch off the headlight and it is actually good for youWant to know Why? Read on: Activa 4G & Activa 5G Comes with AHO – Allways Headlight On. The concept is quite old and many govt running since last 30 years and reduced the 2 wheeler accidents.

Activa 5G / 4G AHO – Automatic Headlight On

Have you ever wonder why Activa 4G & 5G headlight is always on?

well, Honda Activa 4G & 5G comes with AHO as per the new rule by GOI. From 1st of April 2017, Govt of India implemented BS4 norms for all two-wheelers in India. According to BS4 rules light should always be on as it increases visibility on the road, the light switch has been removed.

How to Switch Off Activa 5G & 4G headlight

Though it is against of law and your own safety, we will not recommend to off it. If you are thinking you will drain the battery then let me assure you that new technology in two-wheelers has enough supply of power to keep battery recharged and headlight really not consuming much. You may like to check Honda Activa 4g Cons

So by following Govt of India rule and have a safe ride.

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