Activa 6G [Rumours] – Will it be electric?

Last updated: August 8th, 2018

In a recent move by Honda Motors Two-wheeler segment in India, the company had launched the much-awaited Honda Activa 5G in the country. Now, as the Honda Activa 5G has started to garner attention through its charisma, there might be a great news for two-wheeled enthusiasts. Expecting, Honda Motors may start working on a latest and an advanced version of Activa 5G. The all-new Honda Activa 6G will be in development phase soon and is expected to continue the futuristic two-wheeler approach of Honda Motors.

Activa 6G

Activa 6G Specification

When it comes to engine specifications, it is expected that the company will continue using the same engine as equipped in Honda Activa 5G. The 109-cc engine which offers a single cylinder engine is capable of showing out a power of 8PS. The torque production of Honda Activa 6G is based on this engine, will stand at 9Nm. The company may consider revamping the suspension duties. The age-old bottom link unite is getting rejuvenated by engineers as well. There are also talks that the advanced braking system will be provided with the all-new Activa 6G. Talking about the tyres, the vehicle will carry the same 10-inch sized tyres, just like its predecessor.

Activa 6G Features

Equipped with a revamped front console, the vehicle can be equipped with all-new meters as well as dedicated self-start button. The vehicle is also expected to feature a digital fuel indicator which is currently absent in Honda Activa 5G. Let’s talk about the wheels, Honda Activa 6G is subjected to an alloy design revamp. Although the size of the tyres stays the same. The vehicle will encapsulate a potential of zooming past 0-60 kilometres per hour in a matter of just 10 seconds.

Activa 6G Colours [Expected]

The all-new Activa 6G will exclusively feature Trance Blue Metallic, Imperial Red, Matte seen as the prime colours.

Activa 6G Dimension [Expected]

Just like Honda Activa 5G, we can expect the 6G variant to retain the standard Activa dimension array of 1761 x 710 x 1158 mm, respectively. But, what comes as a fascinating fact is that the motor manufacturer giant is expected to increase the fuel capacity to 5.6 L as well as wheelbase. Therefore, we can expect some alterations in the current dimension array. Hence, the weight of the vehicle will be increased from the current 109 Kg.

Activa 6G Mileage

Since the all-new Honda Activa 6G is expected to be powered by the 8.11 PS engine, as a customer, you can expect a mileage of 55 kilometres per litre. The engine displacement value rests at 109.11 cc which affects the mileage directly. Also, on highways, the mileage can even go beyond the threshold of 55 kilometres per litre, as observed with previous versions of Honda Activa.

Activa 6G Release Date

As mentioned above, the Honda Activa 6G will soon go in the development phase. We can expect the vehicle to make a debut at Auto Expo 2019. Hence, by the end of the fiscal year 2019, Honda Activa 6G will be available at the shelves of the showroom around the country


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