17 Best Honda Activa 4G Accessories – [Shop Online]

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Well, you can certainly make activa 4g more attractive with this 17 accessories.

Apart from a look, this activa 4g accessories gives safety and support:

Below I have shortlisted 17 Accessories your activa would love to wear & You too don’t forget to wear a helmet.

Read on :

Honda Activa 4G Accessories – Activa 4g is one of the most popular and highly preferred scooters that get more recognition among people because of its remarkable features. It also includes dynamic design and stylish look.  

The scooter’s king can leave a score with its stylish tail lamp and elegant 3D emblem. Apart from that, Activa 4g also comes with a powerful and improved HET engine which offers super mileage.

List of [17] Honda Activa 4G Accessories

honda activa 4g accessories

These are the most attractive features of Activa 4g that attract many scooter lovers towards it and encourage them to gather more interesting facts about this scooter and its accessories. For satisfying the needs, this guide comes with useful facts about the accessories of Activa 4g. 

It is very vital to note that the accessories of Honda Activa 4g are budget-friendly, so you can buy the needed accessories without affecting your budget.

Below are Honda Activa 4G Accessories

#1. Activa 4G BODY COVER

Every vehicle needs better protection from harmful weather conditions. To meeting the needs, Honda Activa 4g comes with a quality body cover. The body cover comes with many key features, including

  • It brings better protection from harmful UV rays
  • Body cover provides better water resistance features
  • It keeps the scooter dust free and cooler



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#2. Activa 4G Seat Cover

The seat cover is the main attraction of this scooter.

  • It is available in metallic silver and black color
  • It has superior finish and perfect fit
  • The seat cover is lacquer coated
  • It has enhanced life

#3. Honda Activa 4g Guard Kit

The guard kit is a major highlight of this scooter that is made using a superior quality material, named stainless steel.

  • The durable guard kit protects Activa 4g from the side scratches on its body
  • It is attached to a front body for protecting the center, left and right cover

Guard Kit with Powder Coated option

The power coated guard kit has unique features to protect the scooter from the side scratches on its body.

  • It is fixed with a face of this scooter that will protect right, center and left cover

#4. Activa 4g Side Stand

 A side stand is an essential and useful accessory that helps people to park the scooter without any effort.

  • The powder-coated side stand can provide more durability
  • It helps riders to make frequent stops



#5. Guard Kit comes with a Foot Rest for Activa 4g

  • The guard kit comes with a foot rest facility
  • It protects scooter from scratches on its body
  • The foot step is available on the right side to facilitate pillion rider

#6. Grip Cover (”Type one, two & three″ Set(R/L)

  • The grip cover not only includes better grip, but it also offer premium looks to the scooter
  • It is exclusively crafted with an attractive Honda logo


#7. Activa 4g Inner Box

The inner box is another attraction of this scooter.

  • It has excellent finish and fit
  • The inner box is very spacious that let people carry large items without any difficulties



#8. Activa 4g Mud Flap

  • It has superior finish and fit
  • Mud Flap has the capability to keeps under the cover clean



#9. First-class Seat Cover For Activa 4g

The premium and highly quality set cover have some unique features to absorbs minimal heats as well as keep the temperature of the seat exactly about 12° C minimal than its surrounding temperature.

  • It is fully scratch resistant
  • The seat cover never be torn



#10. Seat Cover (Black Deluxe)

  • The black deluxe seat cover comes with superior fit as well as finish
  • It has lacquer coated
  • The quality seat cover includes enhanced life



#11. Honda Activa Foot Rest

The foot rest is an essential accessory that brings riders a comfortable riding experience

  • It has an excellent finish which is made of metallic paint
  • This accessory also includes uniform welding facility
  • The even welding brings it longer life


#12. Floor Panel for Activa

  • The floor panel comes with chrome finish
  • It brings this scooter an excellent look
  • It is self-adhesive
  • The specially designed floor panel facilitates easy installation


#13. Activa Floor Mat

  • The floor mat bring riders more comfort
  • It includes good fit finish
  • Floor mat can keep the floor panel safe as well as spotless


#14. Designer Floor Mat with Dual Color

  • The floor mat includes a unique design
  • It is embossing with a model name that brings unique look to the scooter
  • It is entirely washable
  • This designer and quality floor mat is fully waterproof
  • The waterproof feature makes this floor mat durable



  • The number plate of this scooter has sleek design
  • It has better look
  • The kit and number plate has high-quality paint and sheet metal
  • It is very simple to install



Grip cover plays a vital role in riding the scooter so that Honda Activa 4g comes with a comfortable and durable grip cover.

  • The grip cover includes premium look
  • It provides better grip
  • The exclusively designed grip cover comes with a unique Honda logo


#17. Activa 4g Combo kit

There are three different types of kits available for Honda Activa 4g, including deluxe kit, premium kit, and elite kit. It is vital to know about the kind of accessories offered before choosing any combo kit. Here are the main accessories of combo kit as follows

Deluxe kit

The deluxe kit consists of:

  • Side stand
  • Mud flap
  • Grip cover
  • Foot rest
  • Seat cover
  • Mat floor

Premium kit

It comes with many accessories, including:

  • Footrest
  • Side stand
  • Grip covers
  • Mat floor
  • Mud flap
  • Seat cover
  • Guard kit made of stainless steel

Elite kit

  • Foot rest
  • Side stand
  • Seat cover
  • Grip cover
  • Mat floor
  • Guard kit designed by using stainless steel
  • Mud flap
  • Helmet
  • Body cover

These are the accessories available in these three different packages, so you can read it carefully before spending your money. The smart selection not only save money, but it brings you an excellent opportunity to improve the look of your favorite honda activa and keep it safe.


Activa 4G Accessories
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    Style Improvement - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Durability - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Usefullness - 9/10

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    Side stand
    • Mud flap
    • Grip cover
    • Foot rest
    • Seat cover
    • Mat floor
    • Footrest
    • Side stand
    • Grip covers
    • Mat floor
    • Mud flap
    • Seat cover
    • Guard kit made of stainless steel
    • Foot rest
    • Side stand
    • Seat cover
    • Grip cover
    • Mat floor
    • Guard kit designed by using stainless steel
    • Mud flap
    • Helmet
    • Body cover

    1. I have a active 4G please tell me the cost of following accessories and fitting AR Guard, Front shield guard, FR guard (Black) Number plate fixing ,Seat cover .

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