Honda Activa CNG Price

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Honda Activa CNG – As a Part of Pilot Project, A Honda Activa CNG will hit the Road soon in India. Honda Activa CNG Price will depend on the kit you are going to buy.   Honda Activa is chosen seeing its popularity and easy to drive. with 50 Activa as starting, the progress will be monitored. After desire result, the Activa in CNG project will be implemented commercially all over India. One can obtain the CNG kit from approved supplier from the government.

Honda Activa CNG

CNG Activa Price | Launch Date | CNG Activa Mileage | Fuel Tank | Video of Filling CNG in Activa


Update: 3 Jan 2017 CNG Kit can be fit in other gear less scooter in india. find authorize kit seller.

Update: 27-12-2016 CNG KIT Launched in Mumbai. Authorise Kit Supplier can applyh it in Activa and Other Scooters.

CNG Activa will be launching 50 Activa and will be given to Domino’s Pizza for their delivery boy as test run project. The Scooter will be given to free of cost.

CNG Activa Testing Begins in Delhi under pilot Project.

Delhi government has revoked ban on retrofitting CNG Kits.

Update 4 Jan, 2017 : Below Are Scooters, You can Fit CNG Kit in It.

  1. Hero Duet 110
  2. Hero Pleasure  110
  3. Hero Maestro 110
  4. Honda Activa 125
  5. Honda Dio 110
  6. Mahindra Duro DZ 125
  7. Mahindra Gusto 110
  8. TVS Jupiter 110
  9. TVS Scooty Zest 110
  10. TVS Wego 110
  11. Vespa VX 125
  12. Yamaha Fascino 110
  13. Yamaha Ray 110
  14. Yamaha  Alpha 110

Update: 4 Jan, 2017 : Mahanagar Gas Limited launches CNG two-wheelers in Mumbai

Honda Activa CNG Price

honda activa cngThe Price of Honda Activa CNG will be 14500. Please be Noted Currently, the Government has introduced CNG fitted activa only, so the Activa Showroom Price + CNG Kit Price will be a total cost of CNG Activa.

1 KG CNG will help a user to travel 120 KM and the price of 1kg CNG is 37.   There will be 2 Cylinder caring 4.8 KG Capacity will be installed below the seat, while regulator will be installed on top of the engine.

Honda Activa CNG Price

Model Price
Honda Activa 3g, 125, i INR 75,000 Approx

According to Ranganathan, this will help to bring down pollution with the strong economical option.

Honda Activa CNG Chart
Representational Image

Honda CNG Activa  Launch Date

The Company Fitted CNG Activa scooty  is yet to go in development, though you can buy external cng kit to convert your activa in cng running vehicle. the government testing the kit with pilot project includes 50 CNG Activa given to Dommnio’s Pizza Delivery boy. Once the test completed, government will release the list of Authorized CNG Kit Seller for Activa as well will ask 2 Wheeler companies to produce the vehicle in CNG version as option as well.

It should be noted here that, CNG Activa can run with petrol as well, the CNG is Optional fuel and you can run your activa with both the fuel option same as cars.

Update: Jan 4 2017 : CNG Activa Expected Launch Date  in Below State are

  • Delhi – Oct 2017
  • Mumbai – Oct 2017
  • Kolkata – Nov 2017
  • Hyderbad – Oct 2017
  • Gujarat – Dec 2017
  • Tamil Nadu – Oct 2017
  • Uttar Pradesh – Nov 2017
  • Punjab – Oct 2017
  • Haryana – Dec 2017
  • Jammu & Kashmir – Dec 2017
  • Chhattisgarh – Oct 2017
  • Bengaluru – Dec 2017
  • Rajasthan – Oct 2017
  • Other Cities – Dec 2017

Activa CNG Mileage

Those who drive aciva petrol is well aware about petrol average, which is common in all cities  like 50KMPL, i my self drive and having same mileage. Well when you will convert your activa in cng, the mileage will be 120 KM and the price of 1kg CNG is 37 (price may vary by cities)

Honda Activa CNG Mileage

Activa 3g, 125 & i Fitted with CNG KT 60 km/kg

CNG Honda Activa Tank Capacity

activar cng kit under seatAs per the latest information, the CNG kit will be installed external and it will contains 2 cylinder carried 4.8KG capacity combined.

While consider in real life scenario, you will never get full tank as there are pressure of CNG Pump matters.

You will get max 3.5 to 4 KG Tank which can run your CNG activa at least 300 KM in least case scenario.

cng activa arial viewCNG Activa Tank Fitting Space

How to Fill Gas in Honda Activa CNG


Honda Activa CNG Safety Features

Activa CNG Kit has been passed and approved by ARAI.   From the Testing Done so far, it was running good and thus its been given to Domino’s Pizza.


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    1. Please advise approx date to launch CNG version of acrobat in Gujarat as I would like purchase another one for my daughter. Otherwise I have to go for another company as if it not in time limit.
      Please hurry up n go fast to get approval

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      2. Pls inform if kit can be installed on suzuki access, if yes, please name distributors or rto approved garage to install at navi mumbai. Thanks.

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    1. Sir, this is right now in testing face. as soon as the test will be done, the government will launch it all across india

    1. The government has planned to test this with Honda activa only right now. once the desired result will be met, they might launch it for all the 2 wheeler in india.

    1. Sir, currently the project is in testing mode, so booking not open yet. keep checking this space for more news

    1. For CNG, You must install kit which will be external, 14500 is starting price, not official though. may vary. will update final price as soon as we have confirmed news from official.

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  3. There would be petrol + cng model or only cng variant ,and on cng activa is there any power output diffetence in term of bhp.

  4. How come government is launching it as it’s the bike is of Honda, so Honda might hv made the engine compatible to work on CNG.

  5. I am having Honda Eterno – 150 cc.. Are there any chances that CNG kit will be developed and made available for installation in Honda Eterno too.. This is, especially, considering the fact that production and sale of Honda Eterno has been discontinued..

  6. When this testing phase ends? From where I suppose to install this kit in my already owned scooter? Should I follow to pass this kit by my own as I did for my car? Can we add more KG cylinder instead of 4.8Kg cylinder. or these scooters are only available by showrooms only.. please reply soon

  7. Can you inform the price and other specifications for the vehicle of Honda Activa CNG Price in gujarat surat

  8. Can you inform the price and other specifications for the vehicle of Honda Activa CNG Price in gujarat surat


  9. Very good Idea. Please convey the price with all kits, For Mumbai.
    Domino’s is a commercial establishment. Why give them free ? Instead share the cost with first 1000 genuine paying customers.

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    i want to buy activa (CNG) . i can get this ready with side two wheeler from company, is their any consasion for handicapped person ? kindly reply me ., i will thanks to you ….with rate s

  12. What will be the overall and final cost for the CNG HONDA ACTIVA?
    How many months will take to launch in mumbai?

  13. મારે એક ટીવા CNG ખરીદવું છે.દીલ્હીમાં શોરૂમનો કોને કટ નંં ત્પા ગુજરાતમાં લાવી શકુ ?તે માટે જરૂરી માહીતી આપવા વિનતી. મારો કોન્ટે.નં.૭૩૮૩૭૩૦૧૮૫/7383730185છે. પ્લીઝ સહેયતા કરળે.

  14. i need to fieet the cng kit in my activa
    what is the price of that and how is dustbuter in pune
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  15. What will be the overall and final cost for the CNG HONDA ACTIVA?
    How many months will take to launch in noida?

  16. What will be the overall and final cost for the CNG HONDA ACTIVA?
    How many months will take to launch in noida

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    At present I am using Honda Activa Scooter of 2005 model. Can I fit CNG kit into this ? or shall I have to buy a new one ?


  21. Activa cng prize? Iam handicapped. Kya muze handicapped hone se prize me discount milega. Mai usme side me extra wheel lagakar chalana chahti hu.

  22. i want cng kit our activa vehicle plz detail & price where available plz send sir mobile no ,09538552571
    ,099646852571 Karnataka Dharwad

  23. i want cng kit our activa vehicle plz detail & price where available plz send sir mobile no ,09538552571
    ,099646852571 Karnataka Dharwad

  24. I am interested in being a dealer for cng kits for activa and others in DELHI NCR. How to purchase’s Honda activa cng SO PLG send me catalog

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