20 Best Honda Activa 5G Accessories

When it comes to Honda Activa 5G, it can be said that the two-wheeler is one of the most popular and highly recommended scooters in the country. If you’re looking forward to getting more recognition amidst people, Honda Activa 5G accessories can do a remarkable job for you.  Apart from providing dynamic as well as a stylish look, the accessories will make daily commute safe and easy for you. Let’s stroll over and know about the best 20 accessories for your Honda Activa 5G.

  1. Side Stand

What would be better than a uniform welding which not only bears the entire load of the vehicle but also provides a solid look to Activa 5G? Side stand accessory comes handy for riders who’re looking forward to making frequent stops.

  1. Foot Rest

The uniformly welded footrest has a long life and the accessory can be integrated within the body of the Activa 5G’s frame. Also, you’d be delighted to know that a metallic paint finish has been given for the ‘Step’.

  1. Guard Kit-1

Made up of stainless steel in nature, the accessory isn’t prone to rust at all. Guard kit comes handy to protect the Activa 5G from left, right as well as the centre front. It can protect the vehicle from scratches and wear & tear.

  1. Guard Kit-2

For those who’re looking forward to an economical alternative to the stainless steel guard kit, powder coated guard kit is also available to them. The accessory protects the Activa from scratches from all the sides.

  1. Activa 5G Basket

Crave for space to carry groceries and other stuff? Leverage the spot welded accessory for a better space management for your Honda Activa 5G. Now you can carry your important articles with added ease.

  1. Guard Kit With Foot Rest

High graded steel has been used for the purpose of avoiding the rust. The combined accessory can be attached with the front of the body to protect Honda Activa 5G from right, left as well as the front.Also, footstep can be accessed at the right side.

  1. Socket

Charge your devices when on the go & stay powered up. Fast and compact charging has been enabled by the socket.

  1. Seat Cover

Black deluxe in colour, get access to a superior fit and finish. The seat cover has been double stitched and contains the official Honda logo. It’s easy to deploy and the installation is clean too.

  1. Seat Cover (Mesh with cover)

This is a rain cover meant to protect the Activa 5G during rains. The seat cover is black in colour and has been twice stitched for a better life. Heat dissipation is commendable due to the presence of Mesh.

  1. Seat Cover (Metallic Silver)

Easy to install, this another metallic silver colour variant seat cover features an exclusive design with the Honda logo.

  1. Body Cover

Protect your Honda Activa 5G from dust, UV rays and water. The cover keeps the vehicle cooler and is more like a radiant barrier.

  1. Floor Panel

The finish is rich and the fit is superior, the product comes in an array of metallic shades. The material used is not prone to rust.

  1. Floor Mat

Keep your vehicle clean, spotless and safe by deploying this floor mat. Also, the product has been made with high-quality rubber and is easy to clean.

  1. Designer Floor Mat

The model name has also been printed to give a special look. The product is easy to wash and it prevents any type of spillage on the Activa.

  1. Kick Cover

This accessory is meant to offer a better grip at the time of the kick. The finish is superior and high-grade rubber has been used for a better grip and better durability by the manufacturer.

  1. Side Grip

Coming in the black colour, the oval-shaped accessory enhances safety for the pillion rider. The product has been coated with quality rubber for better a hold.

  1. Reflector Mirror Set

Looking forward to a stylish addition to your Honda Activa 5G while ensuring your personal safety on road? You can attach these official Honda mirrors which encompass a better bonding with the vehicle.

  1. Grip Cover (Type 1,2 & 3)

Give a premium look to your vehicle with this superior quality accessory which also comes with the Honda logo.

  1. Grip Cover (Black & Red or Blue)

Honda Activa 5G side stand comes with a premium look and the accessory features a firm grip as well. What comes as a fascinating fact is that Honda’s logo will be embedded on the accessory as well and it’ll look lush.

  1. Number Plate Front & Rear

Get access to a high-quality sheet metal number plate for your Honda Activa 5G. The easy to install accessory has been painted with vibrant colours. You can buy the accessory and this will suit your Activa 5G due to its sleek design.

Therefore, accessories can be used to beautify the Honda Activa 5G attractive and garner the attention of the others. Also, the same makes your vehicle secured and preserved.

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