GPS Tracker for Activa

Yesterday I was checking comment on this blog and one of our reader Ngachonmi wrote about the incident where his activa has been stolen and he has no idea how to track it. If he would have GPS Tracker for Activa, he would have easily track it. below is his exact word

The exact word was

Some body has stolen my Honda active 4g. How can I track?

I was dumbstruck and thought hell, even I don’t have GPS for my activa as well and what if this happen to me?

I have decided to buy GPS tracker for my recently bought Activa 5G, Also decided to write about here as well to educate my reader, if you want to track your activa.

I tried to find it in the local market and was not satisfied, decided to search on Amazon and finalize the below tracker as it was having total 22 Review with 4.5 stars.

Honda Activa GPS Tracker

The GPS tracking device works online with the app. you can monitor it via a mobile app on Android or iPhone. The above system comes with SIM, you need to activate the SIM to start tracking your activa.

Though the GPS tracker system is not exclusive for activa, you can use any scooty or two-wheelers or four-wheeler to ensure whereabout the vehicle.

I am writing this to ensure the theft protection of vehicle but GPS gives a lot more facility like you can track the speed, geo-fencing and much more.

let me know if you have installed any tracker in your activa? if yes, send me review. Also would love to know anything else you want to share about the safety of activa

Activa GPS Tracker
  • Overall features and Safety

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