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Smartphones today are an integral part of our lives. As Honda Motors continues to surpass its competitors in the two-wheeler segment of the country, the company is looking forward to making life easier for us. Reportedly the company has introduced Activa 5G charger in an all-new Honda Activa 5G which can be used to power up the battery of our mobiles. Now charge your device on the go. In this article, we will talk about how exactly you can utilize the activa 5g charging point and charge your smartphone.

Activa 5G Charger

Activa 5G Charger

Now that you’ve your ravishing 5G, you might not be aware of the fact that your vehicle can charge your device.

Like most of the people, there might be a case where you don’t know about the location of the activa 5g mobile charger.

Follow the under-mentioned steps to leverage the feature given by Honda Motors.

Where is Charging Point & How to Charge Mobile in Activa 5G?

First of all, as a user, you are required to open the seat of your Honda Activa 5G. (Learn how to open 5G seat)

The second step is to find the charging socket. Generally, in most of the Honda Activa 5G trims, the charging point is located on the right-side.

Now, once you’ve found it, you can apply an adapter with a suitable cable. Make sure that the cable supports your mobile phone charging pin.

The next step is to connect the smartphone to the cable. You will see a charging notification on your device.

Well, congratulations, you’ve successfully connected your phone with your Honda Activa 5g charger. Never miss the battery whenever you’re on the go. The standard output from the charging socket is of 12 V. The charger will compile this into a 5 V DC output, hence your device is safe and sound when it’s being connected.

Activa 5G Charger Price

Though the charger not included as standard accessories and you need to buy it from external. while writing this, I have checked the price of activa 5g charger at Amazon and it is 600Rs. You can buy it from there.

Activa 5g charger price

Activa 5G Charger
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