Compare Honda Activa i Vs Activa 125

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Everyone knows what the Activa is. Honda Activa can be trusted for your daily transportation. It is easy to drive and it has low maintenance. These are some of the reasons that has made Honda Active the favorite of all the Indians. If someone is referring to Activa, they are actually talking about Scooty. The word Scooty has been replaced by Activa. Honda Activa has become synonymous with scooty and it has been dominating the reign of scooter industry since last 16 years.

Compare Honda Activa i Vs Activa 125

compare honda activa i with honda activa 125

Honda Activa I is quite new and people have already shown much trust on this new scooter. Honda, like before, has not broken the trust if its customers. Many Activa I buyers are quite happy. But, is Honda Activa I able to compete with Honda Activa 125? Let us find out in this article.


To be true, the price should not be compared. Honda Activa 125 and Honda Activa I has very different features to offer. That is why the price of Honda Activa I has been kept low. The price of Honda Activa 125 is high due to its high cc engine, digital speedometer etc. The price of Honda Activa I in Delhi’s ex showroom is INR 47,000. Delhi’s ex showroom price of Activa 125 Dlx is around INR 60,500. So, there is no point in comparison of Honda Activa I and Honda Activa 125.


Again, due to the price, both the variants has a lot more different cc engine to offer. Honda Activa I has the lowest cc engine in the three models. It has 102 cc of engine displacement. On the other hand, Honda Activa 125 has the highest cc engine. Honda Activa 125 has 124.99cc engine in it. This difference is evident in the price as well.


As i Model and 125 Model belongs to same series of Honda Activa, the design is not much changed. The fuel tank capacity has been kept same in both the models. The fuel tank capacity is 5.3 L.


When the mileage is considered, then both give great mileage. The mileage that this latest variant of Honda Activa series gives is whooping 66 km. This mileage might come down to 60 kmpl when taken on Indian roads but this is a great mileage that a scooter can offer. Activa 125 promises a mileage of50 to 55 kmpl in Indian roads. So, mileage-wise, Honda Activa I can be the better choice but to be fair, we should keep the low displacement of the engine in the mind as well in the case of Honda Activai. So, there is no clear cut winner.


The maximum speed that Honda Activa 125 can reach is 85 km per hour. You can even record this in its digital meter. The top speed that Honda Activa I can acquire is 82 km per hour.

VERDICT: If you want mileage at a low price, then Honda Activa I is the best way to go. If you want performance and cc of the engine, then Honda Activa 125 can be the best choice for you.

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