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Last updated: July 25th, 2017

Compare Activa 4G vs Honda Cliq – It can be said that Honda Activa was the sole reason that boomed the sales graphs of the Honda motors in India, the Honda Activa marked the base of the Honda Motors in the two-wheeler motor market in India. According to latest reports, Honda Motors has launched an all-new two-wheeler in the country.

The all-new Honda Cliq is garnering the limelight with its exquisite array of features and offerings to the users. The all-new scooter from the production house of the Honda Motors will focus on rural users, Honda promises affordability and accountability with its all-new Honda Cliq.

Compare Activa 4G vs Honda Cliq

Compare Activa 4G vs Honda Cliq
In this article, we will provide you with a splendid comparison of the all-new Honda Clip & the revolutionary Honda Activa 4G.

Compare Activa 4g Design vs Cliq Design

The Activa 4G has a renowned market name and is famous for its exuberant appeal and design, the styling can be regarded as bit conservative of the Activa 4G but the timely tweaks and trims have made the scooter a booming success. The Activa 4G features an opulent front appearance with edgier body shape. LED daytime running lights adds grandeur to its pride. Talking about the all new Honda Cliq, the design is great but the user will have to get used to it. At various places, the Honda Cliq has been regarded as the Bolero of Scooters i.e. strong and simple.

Compare features of Activa 4g Vs Honda Cliq

The all-new Honda Cliq is far ahead when compared to the Activa 4G, with click users get a deemed USB charging socket, the seat is wide and boot storage has been increased significantly. The Honda Motors is also offering luggage carrier attachment with the all-new Honda Cliq, which is absent in the Honda Activa 4G. One of the biggest addition in the Honda Cliq can be the inclusion of the tubeless tyres. This is what was missing in the previous offerings of the Honda. With tubeless tyres, the grip has been increased and the control over the vehicle has also been established. While the automatic headlamp is present in both Activa 4G & Honda Cliq, the appeal of Activa 4G might allure the customers more.

Dimension & weight specs Comparison between activa 4g and Honda cliq

If you are looking forward to a compact & reliable scooter, then Honda Cliq is the best pick. The scooter offers 1745 mm of body length, which is around 16 mm lesser than the Activa 4G. The width of the Cliq rests at 695 mm while that of Activa 4G is 710 mm. Talking about the height of the scooters, the tall Activa 4G has a height of 1149 mm and the all-new Honda Cliq is just 1039mm. What comes as a great fact is that the Honda Cliq has a larger wheelbase of 1241 mm, which is greater by 3 mm from Activa 4G.

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