Compare Honda Activa 3G Vs Honda Activa 125

Last updated: September 23rd, 2016

If you ask someone, what do they actually mean by Activa, they will answer that they meant scooty. Honda Activa has become synonymous with scooty and it has been dominating the reign of scooter industry since last 16 years. Japanese manufacturer has done the best job in the making of Honda Activa and that is why Honda Activa has become one of the best selling scooters in India. Honda Activa series scooters have the best and the sturdiest overall design and there is no one in this world who would doubt on the sturdy and classic design of Honda Activa.

Compare Activa 3G Vs Activa 125

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Now, with the increasing choices of the people, Honda has started to offer the Activa in three variants. These variants are namely Honda Activa I, Honda Activa 3G and Honda Activa 125. In this article, we are going to compare Honda Activa 3G and Honda Activa 125.


The price of Honda Activa 3G is INR 49,900 in Delhi’s ex-showroom. The price of Honda Activa 125 is INR 60, 500. The price difference has been occurred due to more features that have been offered in Honda Activa 125.


The higher price of Honda Activa 125 is justified with its cc. Honda Activa 125 sports 125cc engine and on the other hand Honda Activa 3G has an engine displacement of around 110 cc. In this section, Honda Aciva 125 has won the game.


As 125 Model and 3G Model belongs to same series of Honda Activa, the design is not much changed. The fuel tank capacity has been kept same in both the models. The fuel tank capacity is 5.3 L.


In case of Honda Activa 125, you get a great mileage of 60km in the laboratory condition. If you are pushing it too much and handling it roughly, you can still get a mileage of over 40 km. Activa 3G’s petrol engine gives a promising mileage of 61 km/litre in laboratory conditions. On the road, the fuel efficiency is reduced to 55 km/litre but you can easily get a mileage of more than 40 km/litre whenever or wherever you want. The mileage is comparable in both the models.


Top speed of Honda Activa 125 is 85 km per hour. The top speed is same in the case of Honda Activa 3G. So, the top speed cannot be the deciding factor in this comparison article.


With all the equipment and lubricants, Honda Activa 125 weighs 110 kg, which is 2 kg heavier than the lower model of Honda Activa model 3G. The Honda Activa 3G weighs 108 kg when it has carried all the equipment and lubricants. Both are well balanced and the riders would not feel the little difference in the kerb weight.

Verdict: There is no clear verdict. If a rider wants a better cc engine for better pickup, then he or she should definitely go with Honda Activa 125. If the cc of the engine does not matter much, then one can even go with Honda Activa 3G to save the money.

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