Honda Activa Tyre – Best Guide For Size & Price

Honda is well-known for offering reliable two-wheelers to its customers. The best part about their two-wheelers is thoughtful designing of their tires. The tires are of premium quality to enhance the riding experience of the rider by high-speed-performance and sharp handling. Below you can find the detail about Honda activa tyre in detail.

Honda Activa Tyre

Honda Activa Tyre

Following are the things that you should know about your Activa tires:

Honda Activa 5G / 4G Tyre

The front and rear tires of this fourth generation’s Activa 4g measure 90/100-10 while the steel wheels measure 10 inches. The tires are circumferentially oriented and ensure higher stability and improved performance on slippery roads.

Its radial tires tend to be stiffer and ensure high-speed performance, longer tread life, and precise handling. The tires are tubeless thus preventing you from various hassles. Read more Activa 4g

Activa 3G Tyre

Activa 3G Tyre

The front and rear tires of this Honda variant measure 90/90-12 and 90/100-10 respectively. The radial tubeless tires add to the comfort of the rider. The ground clearance of 153 mm ensures the safety of the rider against jolts and maintaining the perfect balance.

Activa 3g wheels come with size 10 so that the rider has not to compromise the quality of the ride. Also Check Honda Activa 3g

Honda Activa 125 Tyre

Honda Activa 125Honda Activa 125 Tyre excels in performance and handling. The scooter is equipped with 5-spoke alloy wheels. It uses telescopic front suspension. The high profile tubeless tires add to the quality ride.

The front tire measures 90/90-12 whereas the rear tire measures 90/100-10. The radial tires add to the performance of the two-wheeler. The tubeless tires impede the chances of unbalance.

Honda Activa Tyre is reliable enough for your safer journey but in order to get the desired performance, they demand maintenance too. Maintain adequate pressure in your tires, check your valve stems on regular intervals, avoid overloading, and enjoy a high-quality ride.

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