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Last updated August 1st, 2022

Although Honda Activa comes with great features you can add on to its features with these amazing accessories that will surely optimize your riding experience with Activa.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 5 Best Accessories for Honda Activa in India

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MotoTrance ESSENTIALS Blue Scooty Cover

MotoTrance ESSENTIALS Blue Scooty Cover - Honda Activa 125 6G | With Storage Bag | Water Resistant | Dust and Heat Protection | PU Taffeta | Mirror Pockets | 5-Thread Interlock Stitching | Scooter Cover | Stylish Bike Accessories (Blue)
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  • Protects your bike in all seasons: Water-Resistant, Dustproof and Heat-Resistant covers that give your bike a 360-degree protection. Keeps your bike dry and protected from Bird Droppings and Acid Rain.
  • Keeps your Bike Cool and Scratch-Free: Made from premium and light-weight Taffeta fabric that repels harmful UV rays, preserves the paint and prevents over-heating
  • Covers that last a lifetime: 5-Thread Interlocked-Stitched High-Performance fabric that enhances durability and eliminates any chance of water seepage
  • Covers that don't fly away: Heavy-Duty Buckle with Elastic strap ensures that the cover stays on the bike even during strong winds.
  • Custom-Made in India, just for your bike!: Custom Manufactured in our state of the art in-house facility with Japanese precision cut-technology. A Stylish cover that comes with Side-Mirror pockets. DISCLAIMER: Covers fits to scooters/bikes without Extra Fittings like fancy leg guards/hoods etc.
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YASH ENTERPRISES Decorative Chrome Accessories Side Plate Set…

YASH ENTERPRISES Decorative Chrome Accessories Side Plate Set of 2 + Silencer Guard for Honda Activa 125
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  • Easy to install
  • Good Quality
  • High Performance
  • Plate Set of 2 + Silencer Guard for Honda Activa 125
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AUTOXYGEN Scooter Modular Switches

AUTOXYGEN Scooter Modular Switches with Self/indicator/Horn/Dipper/Head Light (Set Of 5 pcs.) For Honda Activa/Yamaha Ray/Suzuki Access/scooty pep
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  • Vehicle Compatability: Honda Activa, Suzuki Access, Tvs Scooty Pep, Yamaha Ray
  • Professional Installation Is Required
  • Set Of 5 Pcs. Self, Indicator, Horn, Dipper, Head Light
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Haran Silencer Guard

Haran Silencer Guard for Honda Activa 3G
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  • Silencer Guard
  • Easy to Install
  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Smooth finish
  • Silencer guard offers protection accompanied by a contemporary styling that makes it a perfect companion for Your Bike
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Grodd No Heat No Sweat Waterproof Cushion Net…

Grodd No Heat No Sweat Waterproof Cushion Net Seat Cover for Honda Activa 6G
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  • Net or Mesh seat cover its different from other seat cover as it get less hot than other seats and enhance the look of seat and keep it safe as well
  • Waterproof Seat cover its rarely get wet
  • elastic fitting fits perfect on any scooter
  • can be installed in house
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A Guide to Choosing the Best Accessories for Honda Activa

Give these accessories a try and enjoy every ride on your Activa. While enjoying safety provided by anti-theft alarm, rear view mirror, and led brake lights you can enjoy the car like features on your two-wheeler with mobile holder and listen to your favourite tracks on the audio system. Honda Activa is a popular scooter model in India. It is known for its fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.

There are a number of accessories available for the Honda Activa, which can help to enhance its utility and style quotient.

Some of the popular Honda Activa accessories include:

1. Front and Rear Bumpers: These bumpers help to protect the scooter from minor bumps and scrapes.

2. Floor Mats: These mats help to keep the footrest area clean and free of dirt and grit.

3. Seat Covers: Seat covers not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the scooter but also help to keep the seat clean and free of dirt and stains.

4. Mudguards: Mudguards help to keep the scooter clean by preventing mud and dirt from being splashed onto it.

5. Horns and Lights: Horns and lights help to make the scooter more visible on the road, thereby enhancing road safety.

6. Tool Kit: A tool kit is a must-have accessory for any scooter owner. It helps to keep the scooter in good working condition by enabling easy and quick repairs.

7. Storage Box: A storage box helps to increase the storage space on the scooter, thereby making it more convenient to carry belongings.

8. Helmet: A helmet is a mandatory accessory in many states. It helps to protect the rider’s head in case of an accident.

9. Tyre Inflator: A tyre inflator is a handy accessory that helps to keep the tyres of the scooter inflated to the correct pressure.

10. Security Alarm: A security alarm helps to deter thieves and vandals. It also alerts the owner in case of any tampering.

These are just some of the many accessories available for the Honda Activa. With so many options to choose from, there is sure to be an accessory that will suit your needs and taste.

Check Honda Activa 4g accessories here.

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