What is New in Activa 5G? – Check 5 Features

Last updated: June 23rd, 2018

Honda realizes this time is a high time to launch a new Activa model and refresh their best seller. Therefore, they innovate a new Honda Activa model that is Activa 5G.

You will experience something new with this upcoming Honda Activa model as it will be launched with lots of unique features. However, people have not expected the high price of the Activa 5G in compare of the old model.

The cost will be at a minimalistic rate and you will be able to afford it easily. Thus, if you are excited to buy the upcoming Honda Activa, you should know about its new features. Here are top five features in the upcoming new model of Honda Activa.

What is New in Activa 5G? Check 5 Features

#1 Full LED headlamp

Honda innovates new feature of position lights as well as full LED headlamps in upcoming Honda Activa 5G.

This feature of forthcoming Activa is considered as the segment-first offering. It is integrated with chrome garnishes, and daytime LED running lights to spice up the things a fair bit.

It saves energy and keeps the power storage for longer.

#2 Two new colors in Activa 5G

Besides its light, it is coming with two new, different shades – pearl Spartan red and dazzle yellow metallic.

These are the fantastic colors that will fascinate people and makes them buy these unusual color and have ridden on Activa 5G.

Though Activa 5G will be carrying all the old shades of Activa 4G and having a metal cover over muffler too, and you will be able to buy your old and favorite color.

#3 Secure 4-in-1 locking system

The upcoming Honda Activa 5G scooter will be carrying a new as well as a convenient 4-in-1 lock that acts on the button of seat releasing or opening.

It is not a bid change but a welcoming feature that is said to be something different.

As a result, you will not need the extra lock as it has reliable safety devices and you will not be concerned anymore. This upcoming Honda Activa achieves a big success having the advanced combi brake system. Learn more about Activa 5G Lock system here

#4 Improved storage space feature

Upcoming Honda Activa gets shopping hooks on the rear side or retractable and the front or fixed of the area where the scooter driver put his legs that is the face or front of loading place.

Such features support you a lot in transporting your contents or stuff with more comfortably just because of the presence of double hooks. It has the sockets for the charging of mobile phone as it was in the old model.

The Honda Activa 5G features a lot that is practical enough due to its thoughtfully-design front parcel compartment and under-seat storage of 18 liter.

#5 New semi digital speedometer instrument console along with ECO drive indicator

Honda Activa 5G is coming with a unique feature of the new semi-digital instrument cluster.

This feature will let you know about all the essential information that you would need to know about your Activa 5G.

Alternatively, it signifies you whenever your Activa scooter asks to be serviced. In added to, it contains an ECO speed indicator that allows you to increase the mileage of Activa 5G.

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