New Honda Activa 125

Last updated: February 13th, 2017

Right from the end of 2016, there was the news that 2017 will see the launch of New Honda Activa 125 2017. The 125cc automatic scooter is one of the biggest and the most favorite of scooters that has come to the country. The scooter has been a part of the quintessential Indian household. Hence, this latest and very stylish vehicle is surely going to be one top choice.

New Honda Activa 125 2017

New Honda Activa 125 2017

Though there are a few attributes that the new Honda Activa takes from its predecessors, a few additional things that one shall get in this vehicle too were not there in the earlier models. To know more about the features, the extra counts, and about the ways in which the new model is different from the previous model, read on.

New Honda Activa 125 Specifications

The New Honda Activa gets 125cc Honda Eco Technology (HET) gives the power of 8.52 BHP@6500rpm. It offers torque of 10.544Nm at 5000rpm.

New Honda Activa 125 Specifications

The stylish new scooter gets V-Matic gearbox. Of course, every Honda user would admit that the output overall of the engine remains as it was before. The disc and drum brakes are better now and with the 12” wide wheelbase, the scooter is all about comfort and balance. These two features shall offer reassurance in the minds of those who will be riding a scooter for the first time.

The scooter gets tubeless front and rear tires, and this shall be equally stabilizing the vehicle at all times. The technology of the equalizer would be giving enough reassurance too to the riders since they would not have to worry about driving on any terrains for fear of slippage.

New Honda Activa 125 Features

The latest Honda Activa 125 comes with LED lights on the front right above the turn indicators. The Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd decides to give the New Honda Activa 125 with Automatic Head Lamp On, (AHO) feature. The scooter gets to meet Bharat Stage IV emission norms as per the new government regulations. This will be something that the brand has done with great foresight since there would be this regulation in place from 1 April 2017.

New Honda Activa 125 Features

Talking more about the features, the new Activa gets the patented Combi Braking System, with an Equalizer system, which helps in keeping the vehicle’s balance while it stops at signals. Activa shall also get mid-variant alloy wheel and drum brake system.

The seat has become wider than those of the earlier models have and along with that, the users shall find a new retractable hook on the front. Along with that, they will also find a mobile charger that shall be of use to the people who cannot stay away from their mobiles even on the road.

Besides these attractive features, the engine and the speed also are some of the things that you would need to know.

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How is New Activa 125 2017 different from the Old Activa?

Surely, the earlier Activa might have been your favorite if you had ridden on it. Nevertheless, it is said that the New Activa 125 is also going to be a scooter, which shall be equally good and give you the best ride ever. The New Activa gets a host of additional features and specifications like the modern LED lights on the front, and the AHO and BS-IV Emissions system, which were not there in the previous version. Further, the scooter now gets the mobile charging points and much more features and fixtures that were not there in the preceding models.

New Honda Activa 125 Colors

New Honda Activa 125 Colors

All New Activa 125 comes in five different colors- Mat Crust Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Pearl Amazing White, Rebel Red Metallic, and Black. The highlight is this first color of Mat Crust metallic, which is going to be amazing, and it gives off this alloy sheen to the scooter giving it a gleam like no other. The seat covers are in black and metallic silver.

New Honda Activa 125 Mileage

New Honda Activa 125 Mileage

The Honda Activa 125 comes with a new HET Technology, and though there is not much change in the engine output, this technology is something that shall be worth notice. The Activa 125 offers a reasonably good mileage at 59Kmpl.

New Honda Activa 125 Price

The New Honda Activa 125 ex showroom price of the standard model with CBS comes at Rs. 56,954 and the top range come at Rs. 61, 362 only. The mid-range variant comes at a reasonable price of Rs. 58,900 at most.

New Honda Activa 125 Engine and Power

The New Honda Activa 125 gets a few stylish and very essential features, and that is something that shall make a few happy. Then there are people who might be rather interested to know about the mileage, and the speed, along with the engine’s condition. The 5.3-liter petrol engine offers good speed and in addition to the engine, the scooter gets improved the braking system and wider tires to give a comfortable ride to both the main rider and the pillion rider. The engine produces a BHP of 8.52 at 6,500rpm. It shall also produce a torque of 10.544 Nm at 5000rpm on its CVT gearbox.

While making this New Honda Activa 125 the makers probably just had the thing in mind to make it compatible with the new norms that would be effective from 1 April 2017 in the country. This is one of the highlights that the Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd has managed to promote at every chance they have got. The scooter will fulfill the Bharat Stage –IV emission norms. The brand has also promoted the fact that the scooter is getting the AHO or Automatic Head On Lamp or the AHO. In fact, these two aspects are going to be some of the top reasons for many people to go for this. Since it will be mandatory to fulfill the Bharat Stage IV emission norms for two-wheelers, those who are going to shop for a scooter shall find the New Honda Activa 125 appealing.

The scooters that come with a host of accessories and fixtures also make this equally alluring.

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