Nayi Generation Hai – Activa 4g new generation TV Ads

Yes, we are the new generation and honda correctly identified and created TV Ads to promote their new gen Activa 4g. ‘Nayi Generation Hai’ TVC campaign launched by Honda and promote Activa 4g Launched this year. The idea is to establish Activa 4g as best convenient way to travel and establish its a role in our daily life. The new Activa 4g contains the best in class features with

The new Activa 4g contains the best in class features with the new style and look. you are getting cutting edge features like mobile charging point and for connectivity on the go

 Nayi Generation Hai – Honda Activa 4G – The New Generation TV Ads

There are total 4 Ads in single video ads. the ads open with mid age man on bed, busy on phone, got watsapp notification asking to go out for snacks from his daughter late in the night. The Dad here agreed and both father & daughter visit nearby food truck on their Activa 4g

In the second ads, showing mix size women dancing on the ‘Jo mehnat ko masti banaye, wahi wise hai… are dance bhi to exercise hai’! the track in the dance studio and after completion they all ride with theire new activa 4g


The ads going forward with young men driving honda Activa 4g, and new gen mother is helping him with navigation map in her hand with background music  “Manzil kahan hai, kaise pahunchna hai? No confusion, that’s the Nayi Generation!”

In the 4th scene, the aged lady jogging across parkeActivava 4g, and stopped and connect her mobile while pulling out her grandson mobile from Activa 4g charging point. and She starts dancing to music on her phone. By seeing her dancing, the grandson accompany her and later living on Activa 4g with background song saying, “Baalon ke rang par mat jao, hum battery full hain!”

In the last scene, the mid age wife ties fitness tracking device on her husband hand ready to move on activa 4g. On being asked “Ye kya hai?”? by husband,  she replies, “Nayi Generation Hai!” before both ride away to the park.

It will be important to state that, Honda Activa has sold 1.5th crore unit. Check the new here

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