How to Start Honda Activa?

Last updated: July 15th, 2018

Those who recently purchased Activa 5G,  Activa 4G, Activa 3G or Activa 125 and get shocked, that they are not able to start Activa merely pressing the start button. Well, you need to understand the mechanism of Activa which is auto gear and for that reason, you cannot start directly with push button. So how to start Activa? keep reading

How to start Activa with push start button (Most easy way)

  1. Just, put the ignition on
  2. Apply any front or rear brake
  3. Press Self-start button and wroom it’s working;

The push start button is on the right-hand side. See below image

How to start Activa with kick

In case of battery drain or push start not working, you have the option to start Activa by kick

  • Put the key in Ignition and on it,
  • Put your Activa on the main stand
  • Go backside of Activa, hold acceleration and kick.

How to start activa by Kick

One more thing to mention here, if you are unable to start Activa by applying push button or kick start, you should use fuel cock on and wait for 10 to 15 seconds. It is usually happening in the morning, so you don’t need to freak out and kick hard as it will make the condition more serious and there are chances your Activa will be overflow.

How to start Activa without key

In Case of missing key or broken key, still, you can start your Activa whether it is 4G, 3G or 125. Though this needs expert concern, as you will have to make a direct connection, This can cause damage to your vehicle’s electric system. So we recommend call honda official service person or call your nearby mechanic to handle the situation with expertise. You would love to check out 5 Things You Should Check If You Drive Honda Activa

Your turn!!

Please comment how do you start your activa? Do you feel any difficulties or have another way to start. please do share your ideas in a comment below.

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