Honda Activa Rules Again in the Automatic Scooter Segment of the Indian Two-wheeler Industry

Last updated: May 12th, 2017

It was a time when manual scooters from brands like Bajaj and LML were the only two wheelers available in the Indian market. With the arrival of innovation, we saw a big growth in the sales of motorcycles and a decline in the scooters which are now almost extinct. The figures are now giving a different view of Indian Two wheelers industry according to the official reports the Automatic scooters are now one step away to change the situation of this Industry.

It is the love towards innovation and comfortable ride which is now shown in the reports. With 35 percent of the total sales, the automatic scooters are now competing with the 110 cc motorcycles which contribute to 36 percent of the total sales in the Indian market.  These figures are officially based on the total sales of two wheelers. In this segment of Automatic scooters, the Honda Scooters are the clear winner as the growth rate of 40 percent is observed from the data available. The overall growth rate of Scooters was 25 per cent.

We all know that in the Honda Activa is the best selling scooter among all the variants available in the Honda’s Portfolio. The Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI), has reported the recorded scooter sales of 3,68,550 units in April 2017. It apparently means Indian riders are now turning the tables and now moving towards Scooters.

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Honda Activa Best Selling in Two wheelers

If we talk about Honda’s bestselling Automatic Scooter and our favorite Activa, then it is a big moment of proud by watching it competing among the greatest players from different segments of Indian Two-wheeler Industry. Since the new regulations of BS IV norms, there is a new trend of high sales of models of Activa. Now Activa i, Activa125 and Activa 4g are making new records both on paper and on Indian Roads. If you are a fan of a comfortable and economical ride then, Activa is the best option available for Indian roads and Daily Traffic. Amazing looks, Sexy Style statement and the trust of Honda vehicles is now easy to buy.

Honda Activa Best Selling in Two wheelers

Time has changed and so it the trend because both youth and aged people are now preferring Automatic scooters over motorcycles. A unisex design and Value for money product is something which is contributing in the boosting of Activa sales in the Indian market. Honda’s Share in this segment is all time high which indicates the progress of Activa on Indian Roads.


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