Honda Activa Reserve- How To Use It

Honda Activa reserve  – Honda is known for offering vehicles that show good fuel economy numbers and Honda Activa is one of the best examples to illustrate the same.

The fuel tank capacity of Honda Activa is around 5 litres which are enough to enjoy long and uninterrupted rides with your college fellows, office colleagues, or your loved ones.

Where is Activa Reserve Coke Switch?

Honda Activa Reserve

But when it comes to reserve tank you have no option but to keep an eye on the fuel gauge as there is no reserve knob in Activa to go in reserve tank or either remain in the main. While using Honda Activa You don’t need to bother yourself by turning the knob for switching fuel supply on, off or in reserve mode. Nowadays, various scooters and bike manufacturers have removed the reserve petrol cock.

Nowadays, various scooters and bike manufacturers have removed the reserve petrol cock.

You can ascertain whether your Activa is running on the reserve fuel by seeing the position of the fuel gauge needle with respect to the red mark on the fuel gauge.

The red mark implies the reserve capacity.

You will not find any separate indicator for the reserve fuel. When the fuel gauge needle reaches the red mark it implies that you have used up the fuel to much extent and now you are left with approximately 1-litre petrol in your Activa’s reserve.

You can cover a distance of around 8-10 kilometres while using the reserve fuel but that’s not advisable. This is the time when you need to refill the fuel tank in order to enjoy the hassle-free ride and to enhance the experience with Honda Activa. You may like to read Activa 4g here.

If you ever wonder how long you can drive Honda Activa? here we have full detail article about it. have look.

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11 thoughts on “Honda Activa Reserve- How To Use It”

  1. I have recently buy an activa 5g first day I was fill 3.5 liter petrol after running 66 km the fuel indicator is billing….strange ……..

    • There is no internal system which helps you to track until you have externally installed GPS system or mobile in it. I request you to please take help if nearby CCTV camera.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I have the same query as Rohan has. I want to know that as the knowledge we know there is 5.3 ltr fuel capacity of activa 5G has.
    So when the meter indicator is on F then the tank is full an when it reaches small stroke with the red sign then it has 1 liter or when it reaches at E then it still has 1 ltr left in the tank? If anyone has the idea of the comparison of fuel capacity with fuel meter reading then please share that too.


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