Honda Activa Models 2018

Last updated: July 3rd, 2018

Since the first Activa model, Honda has launched various another model with improvement and changes. The latest model is Honda Activa 5G, launched with 2 new color and other features. Honda is known for their innovation and quality after sales service and thus activa become no 1 selling two-wheelers with the whopping sale of 1.5 million scooters in India.

Honda Activa All Models

With a whopping 3% jump and end-up selling over 5,51,600 units of Honda Activa in the country. Honda Motors has already garnered a major share in the two-wheeler industry in India. According to the reports, the company has become a preferred choice for the youth. Today, in this article, we will be talking about all the tends and information about the Honda Activa and its models.

Activa Models 2018 / Activa Current Model

The Current model you can buy from Honda is Activa 5G, Activa 4G, Activa 125 and Honda Activa I. you can read more for variants below

Activa Best / Top models

Being operational with over four models in the country, Honda Motor’s latest offering is the Activa 5G in India. When we talk about a reliable, robust and no-nonsense two-wheeler, Activa has offerings in bits and pieces. For the ladies, there is a lighter offering from the Honda Motors with the Activa I. In terms of mileage and price, Honda Activa I is the best possible option given by motor giant Honda Motors.

Activa Models List with Price

Activa 5G Models List with Price

With the launch of Honda Activa 5G at the majestic Auto Expo 2018, the company went off making dynamic mechanical changes and launched 2 models of Honda Activa 5G.

  • The standard variant of the all-new Honda Activa 5G is available for Rs. 52,400/- across the ex-showrooms in Delhi-NCR. Talking about colours, there are over 8 dynamic colours with this vehicle and you’d be fascinated to know that Yellow Majestic is the latest amidst them.

On the contrary, the deluxe variant of the same has been priced at Rs. 54,880/- by the manufacturer.

  • The STD variant has a standard warranty of 2 years, the headlamps have been revamped by the manufacturer. Equipped with new LED tail lights, the model also houses a Low Fuel Warning Lamp. Talking about the DLX variant the new offerings from the manufacturer are carry hook, trip meter as well as a digital fuel indicator as well.

Both the variants house a 109.19 cc engine with maximum torque production at 9 Nm. The models have two valves backed by a single engine. Mileage of both the models stand at 55 KMPL and the variants can go from 0-60 KMPH in just 10 seconds. Check out detail comparison here

Activa 4G Models

Honda Activa 4G is available in only one version. The standard variant of the Activa 125 garnered all the limelight at the time of its launch. Well, since it was the first Activa which was BS-IV compliant, the company had listed the vehicle at a price of Rs. 53,000/-. The ignition is a CDI type and produces a maximum torque of 8.83 Nm cloaked at 5,500 rotations per minute.

Talking about the colours, the majestic Honda Activa 4G was released in the market with over 7 colours. Matte Selene Silver was successful in making customers go gaga over its beauty. The other vivid colours available are Pearl Red, Trance Blue, Brown Majestic, Imperial White and of course, the crystal black.

Activa 125 Models

With over 3 variants available in this model segment, Honda Motors is offering a standard, alloy drum and an alloy disc variant with Activa 125. With a price tag of Rs. 56,900, Rs. 58,900 and Rs, 61,300/- respectively, the look of Activa 125 is more like same when compared with rest of the models. According to the company, Activa 125 is the only model which is a BS IV compliant and houses an auto headlamp on (AHO) feature.

The company is also giving a mobile charging socket and a dedicated retractable hook for the purpose of making it more user-friendly for the customers. The 125 cc engine is capable of churning out 8.52 bhp of power which has been clocked at 6,500 rotations per minute. The vehicle also has a dedicated combined braking system backed by an equaliser system.

Activa CNG Model

honda activa cng priceMore like a pilot project, Honda Activa CNG variant was launched on the Indian roads. The price of the variant depends on the array of kits available. The CNG variant of Honda Activa is going to be implemented commercially soon. What comes as a fascinating fact is that Activa CNG variant will help a commuter to cover a distance of over 120 km over 1 KG of CNG. The Activa CNG houses 2 cylinders which are capable of carrying 4.8 KGs of capacity. The model is welcomed by the government as well as people. This will surely help curb the pollution.

Activa BS3 & BS4 Models

In lieu of Government of India’s recent BSIV change, the company has come up with a series of vehicles that support BS4 engine and specs. After the discontinuation of Activa 3G in the country which was a BS3 compliant, you can now get your hands on latest and better Honda Models. Honda Activa 125 was launched to cater the demand of a futuristic two-wheeler which can cater the requirements of the people.

Activa Models comparison

Honda Motors is well known for maintaining the mileage feature of their vehicles. Ranging from all the models of Honda Activa 5G to Honda Activa 125, customers are getting a mileage of 60 kmpl. When it comes to the all-new Honda Activa 5G, the vehicle has been equipped with a single cylinder engine which is an SI type.

Talking about Honda Activa 125, the engine is a 4 stroke type. Engine displacement is what varies when we compare different models of Activa. Honda Activa 5G’s displacement rests at 109.19 cc & the same for Activa 125 is 124.9 cc. The maximum speed varying amidst the 2 domain vehicles are 90.77 and 84 kilometres, respectively.

Best Models of Activa for Ladies

For Ladies, the best pick can be the Honda Activa I which has been priced at Rs. 53,120/- by the manufacturer. The vehicle’s weight has been cut down in lieu of making it friendly for women. The mechanical specs stay the same, the engine has the same displacement of 109.2 cc. Again, the mileage is 60 kmpl and the engine churns out 8 bhp of whopping power as well. The colours available are specifically meant for ladies, you can get your hands on magenta metallic, Neo orange, orchid purple and much more.

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