Honda Activa CBS Combi Brake System with Equalizer

Combi break is the breaking system, which reacts on both breaks when you apply one. In two-wheeler vehicles like Honda Activa, there are two breaks, one is on the front wheel and the second is on the rear wheel. This is valid for each of the bikes that I have ever seen or ridden.

The greater part of bike riders apply the back wheel brake or utilize back brake in large cases. However, for best braking and halting in the minor distance without losing control, both front and back brakes ought to be utilized together.

Honda Activa Combi Brake


What is Combi Brake System in Honda Activa?



A great many people dread utilizing front brakes an excessive amount of in light of the fact that on the off chance that you squeeze them too hard, that the bike may slip and the rider will fall gravely, and it may be caused by the big accident.

Honda Activa Combi Brake System – How it Works

Well, the new one thing is going to apply from the 1Honda. Honda Combi Brake framework applies the front brakes in the right sum at whatever point back brakes are connected, actually, this applies both brakes when you apply just back one.


This implies the bike rider need not stress over utilizing front brakes, they will be utilized as a part of right sum consequently when the back brakes are utilized.

See the picture over, the highlighted green zone indicates how they have put an additional link to break lever control of Honda-Activa 2009 to make combi-brakes work.

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