Honda Activa 4G – [10 Points] You Need to Know

Last updated: April 29th, 2018

Will you agree if I say Activa 4G is Best Scooty in India?

And If you decided to buy Honda Activa 4G, Your [Decision is 100% Correct].

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Well, if you are here to check Activa 4G detail, I have covered Activa 4G in 10 points. 

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Quick specs: 109.20 cc | 60 kmpl | 8 bhp | 108 kgs | 7 Colours

Activa 4G  2018

Honda Activa 4G [10 points]

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Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has recently launched  Honda Activa 4G scooter 2018 with the new BSIV Engine and Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) compliance. Honda Activa 4G 2018 is powered with 109 CC Honda Eco Technology (HET) Engine.Honda Activa 4G

With the major 4th Generation Upgrade, Honda Activa gets the all-new format cover design with new colour shades schemes like Matte Axis Grey Metallic and Matt Selene Silver Metallic. 2018 Honda Activa 4G comes with the retractable front hook and mobile charging socket.

Honda Activa 4G is priced at Rs 50,730 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Activa 4G is the second launch of HMSI’s in India this year after New Generation Honda Activa 125 introduced last month. Honda Activa 4G is about to make a mark in 2018 with offering a stylish look and higher performance with a better mileage.

Activa 4G Quick Video Review

With the new launch of Honda Activa 4G, Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., states that Honda being trust of more than 1.5 crore Indian families has launched iconic Activa first automatic scooter for becoming the “World’s Number 1 selling two-wheeler in 2016”. Honda Activa 4G is 4th Gen BS-IV complaint upgrade and it is considered as the most family loved Scooter. Honda Activa 4G is quite ready to easily delight the customers with the added convenience of stylish new colours and Mobile Charging Socket.

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Honda Activa 4G Price (New GST Rate)

With the highly added features as well as Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) Technology, new Activa 4G are priced higher when compared to the previous model – Activa 3G. The updated version costs Rs 50,730 (all, ex-showroom Delhi) while the old model was available at Rs 50,290. It is unlikely that Activa 4G would be costlier compared to the Activa 3G. You can check Activa GST Price here 

Here is GST Price of Honda Activa 4g in Major Cities.

Activa 4G GST Price 2018 (Ex-Showroom)
Bangalore 62,984
Mumbai 61,415
Pune 59,813
New Delhi 57,050
Chennai 59,716
Kolkata 60,818
Hyderabad 60,376
Chandigarh 55,047

Honda Activa 4G Booking Amount

Activa 4g is best selling scooter in India and Honda sell cross 1.5 million Activa. if you thinking to buy one, you can book Activa 4g with the minimum amount of 1000. you can book by authorized Honda dealer near you or can book online as well.

Activa 4G Colours – Available in (7) Colors

Design and colours of a vehicle make it a grand look. Honda Activa 4G is designed with the stylish and colours. 2 new shades of Honda Activa 4G colours have been introduced

  1. Black

  2.  Imperial Red Metallic

  3. Trance Blue Metallic

  4.  Matte Axis Grey Metallic
  5. Pearl Amazing White
  6. Majestic Brown Metallic

  7. Matte Selene Silver Metallic

These shades of Activa 4G are quite stunning to have a beautiful ride and it is quite suitable to pick any colours schemes such as

-> You may like to check all Honda Activa Colors

Honda Activa 4G Features [13]

2018 Honda Activa 4G is powered by the 109 CC Honda Eco Technology (HET) engine with the powerful BS-IV compliant. Activa 4G motor is capable of churning 8 bhp at 7500 rpm. The engine develops the peak torque of 9 Nm at 5500 rpm and it is mated to the automatic CVT gearbox.

The basic design of Activa 4G remains quite similar to the previous model but it now comes with a better style along with the added new features. Front apron design of the fourth generation model also been revised so that it brings the sharper character with lines. Honda Activa 4G also comes with the stylish and safe mobile charging socket. Honda Activa 4G will have more extensive features such as tubeless tyres and large under seat storage space so that it would automatically enhance the best comfortable riding position.

The scooter is suitable for a long ride with comfortable seating. Make the easiest and stylish ride with the new version of Honda Activa. Honda Activa 4G equipped with Combi Brake System (CBS) along the Equalizer technology so it is quite convenient or enjoying the safe and secure ride in an absolute way.

Honda Activa 4G Specification

With introducing the high-end technology BS-IV compliant engine,  new Activa 4G brings more power for a smooth ride without any hassle. Honda Activa 4G sources its power from 109 CC air-cooled four-stroke engine with the Honda Eco Technology (HET). The motor is supported with the CVT gearbox that automatically pushes out the maximum power of 8bhp at 7,500rpm and 8.83Nm of torque at 5,500rpm.

Engine Displacement 109cc, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Power (estimated) 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Torque (estimated) 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Transmission Automatic
Mileage (estimated) 60 kmpl
Top Speed 82 km/h
Fuel System Carburetor

Design and Styling of Activa 4G are quite similar to the previous model. Although Activa 4G has larger specification with the enhanced new dynamic front centre cover design that offers more refreshing appeal in the most extensive style. Honda introduced two new specifications on this scooter such as retractable front hook and mobile charging socket so it would enhance the convenience level to the maximum.

The major cosmetic update comes in Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) feature so it improves the best visibility of the vehicle in all the extended conditions. Advanced Combi Brake System (CBS) of Honda is quite amazing with astounding safe braking duties. CBS technology not only offers a safe and confident ride but also improves balance on the ride.

The suspension system of Honda Activa 4G is designed for the performance of ordinary roads. The vehicle comprises of competent shock absorbers installed both in the front and rear tyres. Front tyres have bottom link suspension that is equipped with spring-loaded hydraulic dampers. The back tyres unit comes with spring-loaded hydraulic dampers. -> You Would Love to Check Honda Activa CNG Scooter

Honda Activa 4G Engine Specification

Type Air cooled, 4 strokes, SI engine
Cylinder Capacity 109.19cc
Max net power 5.83 Kw (8bhp) @7500 rpm
Max net torque 8.83 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Bore 50 mm
Stroke 55.6 mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Air filter type Viscous paper filter
Starting Method Kick/self

Activa 4G Brakes & Wheels (Tyre)

Brake Type Drum
Front Disc No
Front Disc/Drum Size 130 mm
Rear Disc No
Rear Disc/Drum Size 130 mm
Calliper Type
Wheel Size 10 inches

Talking about Activa 4g Wheels & Brake, Activa 4g does not have Disk brake on front & back side, instead, it has drum brake which similarly to other scooters. The tyre size of new Activa 4g is 10 Inch you can fit tubeless or with tube tyre as per your choice.

Honda Activa 4G Tyre

Here you can see the detail about size and type of Honda Activa 4g tyre. as shown below Honda Activa 4g front tyre size is 90/100 same as a rear tyre. New Activa 4g comes with tubeless tyres but you can install with tube tyre as a company like Ceat are selling both online. Though Activa 4g is new gen scooter, you may not get the radial tyre in it. Here is the Best guide for Activa tyre 

Front Tyre 90/100-10 53J
Rear Tyre 90/100-10 53J
Tubeless Tyres Yes
Radial Tyres No
Alloy Wheels No
Front Suspension Hydraulic with Spring
Rear Suspension Hydraulic with Spring

Compare Honda Activa 4G

#1 Compare Activa 4G Vs Activa 3G

Honda wants to cater to subtle buyers with the highly advanced vehicles. They have retained many numbers of colours in the upcoming Activa 4G such as Matte Selene Silver Metallic and Matte Axis Grey Metallic that extended the look of the vehicle when compared to the Honda Activa 3G. Both the Honda Activa 3G and Activa 4G comes with the 109cc engine produces about 8bhp @ 7500 rpm.

Honda Activa 4G has a good instant power with the high-end BS-IV Compliant Engine when compared to Activa 3G. The fuel efficiency is also good and the upgraded version Activa 4G becomes the favourite scooters in 110cc. No doubt it would be a best seller too in 2017. Honda Activa 3G has set the mark for its speed, transmission, mileage and stylish design. However, the upgraded version comes with a lot of features that brings more comfortable ride.

The Activa 4G will be available in trendy colours like Matte Selene Silver Metallic and Matte Axis Grey Metallic along with colour schemes such as Pearl Amazing White, Lusty Red Metallic, Trance Blue Metallic, Geny Grey Metallic as well as Black. While the Activa 4G has the stunning retractable front hook and advanced Mobile Charging Socket but the Activa 3G lacks these features.

#2 Compare Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter


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Activa 4g

TVS Jupiter

Compare Activa 3g, I, 125 vs TVS Jupiter

Price 54,469 53,327
CC 109.2 cc 109.7 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3 L 5 L
Reserve Fuel Capacity NA 1 L
 Mileage 52 Kmpl 62 Kmpl

Honda Activa 4G Mileage

Estimated Mileage of new Activa 4G will be 60kmpl and it remains same as the old model as they have the same Engine. There won’t be any major changes in the mileage of new Honda Activa 4G. In fact, the Activa 4G offers the mileage of 45-50 km/l in the city. Mileage differs about how you ride.

Honda Activa 4G has 110CC Air-Cooled Single Cylinder Engine and there won’t be a major change in engine power. BS-IV compliant in Activa 4G should churn 8bhp of power and 8.83Nm of torque. The response of engine would not be changing and the engine of Activa 4G comes with the CVT box. Power and response of the engine of this vehicle become the most important aspect of the sales and they maintain the same features.

  • Estimated Mileage of Honda Activa 4G in City – 45-50 km/hr
  • Estimated Mileage of Honda Activa 4G in Highway – 55 km/hr
  • Overall Mileage Claimed by Honda – 60 km/hr

Honda Activa has introduced one more colour last month. Now you can buy Honda Activa 4g in all new matte grey. The new colours define the Activa ttagline”a new gen scooter”.

Honda Activa 4G Ground Clearance

Ground Clearance is the amount of space between automobile tire base and lowest point. Riding Honda Activa 4G is quite stylish with fantastic Ground Clearance of 153 mm. Honda has introduced this upgraded version with higher ground clearance so it is much smoother to ride in the absolute style.

It is much comfortable to ride Honda Activa 4G with comfortable ground clearance in the amazing way. The shortest distance between level surfaces, flat and lowest part of a vehicle with the parts designed to contact. Overall Length of the Honda Activa 4G will be 1761 mm and the Overall Width is 710 mm. Overall Height of the vehicle will be 1149 mm.

Honda Activa 4G Dimension
Length 1761mm
Width 710mm
Height 1149mm
Wheelbase 1238mm
Ground Clearance 153 mm
Kerb Weight 108kg
Fuel tank capacity 5.3L

Honda Activa 4G Fuel Tank Capacity

Honda Activa 4G carries the fuel tank capacity of 5.3 litres and it is quite easier for the city purposes. All new incarnated Activa 4G comes fitted with air cooled 4 stroke 109cc engine with the power of 8 Bhp@7500 rpm and torque of 8.74 Nm.

Honda Activa 4G Top Speed

Honda Activa 4G comes with the V-Matic gearbox. Honda claimed the top speed for Activa 4G is 82 KMPH.

  • V – Matic
  • Max speed 83 kmph

Honda Activa 4G Service Schedule

Free Service Schedule Kms* Days*
1st Free Service 750-1000 15-30
2nd Free Service 3500-4000 105-120
3rd Free service 7500-8000 225-240
4th Free service 11500-12000 350-365
Paid Service Frequency Every 4000 or Within 4 months

Honda Activa 4G Warranty 

Once you have bought Activa 4g, it will be important to know about standard warranty period of your Activa 4g. Honda company offers standard warranty up to 24 months or 24000Km. Once you meet any of these conditions, you need to buy an extended warranty which is as below.

Activa 4g Extended Warranty comes with 12 months, 24 months & 36 months following 12000 kilometres to 36000 kilometres.

Model Warranty Type
Activa 4G Extended Warranty
12 Months 12000 Km
24 Months 24000 Km
36 Months 36000 Km

Activa 4G Images – Exterior & Interior

Activa 4G News

24th Oct 2017: 

Honda Grazia is all set to launch in November 2017. Grazia will have 125 cc engine derived from Activa 125 with modern design. honda says the Grazia is for urban customer.

Honda Activa 4G Diwali Offer 2017

Activa 4g Diwali Offer

Though there are not much, yes you can save 7500 on new Activa 4G in Diwali offer. You can buy Activa  4g this Diwali with absolute low down payment & 0 processing fees. Also, Govt & PSU employee can get 2000 As a cash back with this festive offer from Honda. Some of the Honda dealers may give you exchange offer on Activa 4g as well.


Honda Activa 4G Diwali Offer

Diwali is the best time to offers discounts by companies in India as many Indians make a purchase of a vehicle in this time. Honda also giving Diwali offer on Activa and other 2 wheeler. There is GST Price offer running now, as soon as we will get info about Honda Activa Diwali offers, we will update full detail here.

Banner & Source: Honda Official

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