Honda Activa 125

Last updated: December 30th, 2017

After the immense success of Honda Activa 3G, Honda Activa 125 continued this success phase for Japanese manufacturer Honda. Due to Honda Activa 125, Honda Activa series scooter spread its wings among the riders who wanted a higher cc engine.

With a sturdy design, Honda Activa comes with 125 cc engine. 125 cc engine is at its heart and it comes with a 3D emblem, metal body, digital meter and telescopic suspension. Even after with all loaded features, Honda adopts its all new HET (Honda Eco Technology) to give the best possible mileage with 125 cc engine.

The Honda has kept the style simple for the matured riders. Original design has not been much altered in Honda Activa 125. Lately, Honda Activa scooters are available in three models: Activa 4G, Activa 3g , 125 and Activa i.

Honda Activa 125

honda activa 3g

Honda Activa 125 Price

Activa 125 Version Price


Alloy Wheels, Electric Start,Drum Brake


Ex-showroom, Mumbai

Std (BS-IV)

Alloy Wheels, Electric Start,Drum Brake


Ex-showroom, Mumbai

Std Alloy (BS-IV)

Alloy Wheels, Electric Start,Drum Brake


Ex-showroom, Mumbai


Alloy Wheels, Electric Start,Disc Brake


Ex-showroom, Mumbai

Dlx (BS-IV)

Alloy Wheels, Electric Start,Disc Brake


Ex-showroom, Mumbai

Honda Activa 125 City Wise Price

Bangalore 70,247
Mumbai 69,981
Pune 66,472
New Delhi 63,638
Chennai 66,493
Kolkata 67,980
Hyderabad 67,511
Chandigarh 61,316

Honda Activa 125 Colours

Instead of 6 colour variants like Honda Activa 3G, Honda Activa 125 model comes with four different colours to choose from. It comes in standard black colour. The black is obvious as the major chunk of buyers go with black colours. The Activa 125 also comes in white colour. Honda calls this white colour as Pearl Amazing White. The white pearly look of the 125 model of Activa reflects an elegance over other colours. Apart from standard black and pearl amazing white, it comes in red and midnight blue colour. Honda gives an attractive name to its red colour- rebel red metallic as red can be one of the attractive colour for your Activa 125. Also, 125 CC Honda Grazia is releasing soon

Honda Activa 125 Mileage

You can view the fuel meter on its digital meter. The attractive and stylish meter gives all the details you need. Anyway, you get a great mileage of 60km in the laboratory condition. If you are pushing it too much and handling it roughly, you can still get a mileage of over 40 km. By adopting HET (Honda Eco Technology), the mileage is increased manifold. Honda Eco Technology reduces friction between mating parts of the scooter, hence enhancing the mileage to a great extent. Moreover, the rising prices of petrol in India has made buyers to focus on mileage as well. Honda tried to provide the best mileage by using advanced development in technology. That is why you are getting a mileage between 50-55km in an average condition.

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Honda Activa 125 Ground Clearance

Another name of ground clearance is the ride height or it is simply called clearance. The distance between the lower end of the vehicle (called chassis) and the ground is called ground clearance. Honda Activa 125 has a ground clearance of 155 mm without any load on it. When a load is kept on it, ground clearance will be lowered. The ground clearance of 155 mm has made it possible to have a perfect balance for the rider.

Honda Activa 125 Engine Specs

Honda Activa 125 has 4 stroke air cooled engine. The four stroke engine is SI engine. SI engine stands for Spark Ignition engine. In SI engine, the fuel can be used to start the engine by just a spark. The displacement of the engine is 124.9 cc or we can say Honda Activa has 124.99 cc engine. The compression ratio is 9.8:1. The more the compression ratio, the more is the fuel efficiency of the engine. Honda Activa’s 125 model flaunts of 57.9 mm stroke and bore of 52.4 mm. The bore is the diameter of the engine. Maximum net power of the Honda Activa 125 is 6.38 kW (8.60 bhp) at 6500 revolutions per minute in the laboratory condition. Honda on their official website has said that maximum net torque that this model of Honda Activa can experience is 10.12 Nm at 5000 revolutions per minute. The engine of Honda Activa 125 is slightly better than Honda Activa 3G.

Honda Activa 125 Fuel Tank

Fuel tank capacity of Honda Activa 125 model is 5.3 litres which is ample if you are using for daily purpose. The fuel tank holds sufficient petrol in it that you can easily travel a long distance. Whether you want to go to another city or visit your friends living on the outskirts of the town, just fill the fuel tank of Honda Activa 125 to the full and travel without any fear of emptying the fuel tank. The large fuel tank has made its riders to rely on it without any suspicion.

Honda Activa 125 Body Dimensions

The body dimensions of Honda Activa 125 is slightly differed from the lower model of Activa. The length from the front part to the rear is 1814 mm. Although, the length is pretty much standard to other gearless scooters in the market. The width of Honda Activa 3G is 704 mm, which is less than the Honda Activa 3G. Anyway, the change can not be read easily. The height of Activa 125 is 1151mm. The height of the seat is 765 mm to give you a comfortable ride on the Activa 125. Kerb weight, weight without baggage or riders, is 110 kg.

Honda Activa 125 Top Speed

There is a digital meter for Honda Activa 125 that makes it easier to note down the speed of the vehicle. Due to sturdy and robust engine design, Honda Activa 125 can reach upto a speed of 85km/hour. But the main purpose of the gearless scooter is to maintain the mileage and Honda has excelled in this field. We are sure that Honda had given it ample thought that they should balance the speed and mileage as well.

Honda Activa 125 Engine Cc

As the name suggests, Honda Activa 125 has 125 cc engine. To be exact and precise, it flaunts 124.9 cc engine. It means that engine of Honda Activa 125 model makes a displacement of 124.99 (or 125) cc. The cc has been improved with the previous and even the lower model of Honda Activa series.

Honda Activa 125 Weight

With all the equipment and lubricants, Honda Activa 125 weighs 110 kg, which is 2 kg heavier than the lower model of Honda Actica model. It might be heavier than other scooters but it is advanced balanced system allows the smooth and easy ride to the riders. This kerb weight is a term used to define the total weight of the vehicle with all the standard equipment in the scooter, motor oil, transmission oil, air conditioning refrigerant, coolant, and with the full fuel tank of the vehicle.


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