Electric Activa [Expected] Launch Date, Price & Specification

Last updated: June 29th, 2018

In a recent development in the two-wheeler segment in the country, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India are reportedly associating to develop an all-new Honda Activa Electric trim. Although we all have already seen the Honda electric scooter in India, now it’s expected that the best-selling Activa is subjected to an electrical innovation. It is not certain whether the company will launch the new electric scooter under the name of Activa. According to various resources, the company will retain the name as brand value & market sales are associated with Activa segment.

Electric Activa

Electric Activa Features [Expected ]

Activa Electric Activa today is more like a household name and the company is also expected to leverage the same to woo the customers. Talking about the features, it is expected that the all-new Honda Activa Electric might feature contemporary LED headlamps which were included in the latest Activa trim. Apart from that, it might also come handy with an anti-theft warning system, digital instrument console and more. There is also a report that the company is innovating a faster way to charge the vehicle. You can go drive from 100 km to 200 km in economy mode, once your vehicle is fully charged.

Electric Activa Battery

As standard, Lithium-Ion battery will be included in the all-new Honda Activa electric scooter. What comes as a fascinating fact is that HMSI’s CEO has confirmed that a two-wheeler electric vehicle project is undergoing at Honda’s plant in Japan. Scooters India is providing inputs as well. The company is looking forward to providing an economical, pollution free and of course, a comfortable driving experience to their customers in India.

Electric Activa Price [Expected ]

The price which has been determined by the experts around the industry stands at Rs. 85,000/-. Since, the taxes are getting lowered on the import of vehicle batteries, the on road price of the vehicle is expected to stay similar to the above-mentioned one.

Electric Activa Release Date [Expected]

The all-new Honda Activa Electric scooter is expected to arrive on Indian shores by the end of 2019. The company is targetting a minimum of 100 km coverage as mileage in a single run, thus R&D processes are going on. Hence, you can expect your favourite Honda Electric scooter in the country by the end of next fiscal year.

Also, when the officials of Honda Two-Wheeler segment were asked about the release time frame, they all pointed towards the fiscal year 2019. When it comes to sales Honda is selling around 8,000 Honda Activa around the country, every day. Hence, Honda Motors will surely leverage the brand integrity for attaining higher sales for their all-new Honda Electric Scooter.

Electric Activa Specification [Expected]

Talking about the electrical specifications of the scooter, the vehicle has been powered by a 1000 watt motor which has been backed by a Lithium-Ion battery. The vehicle might take a charging time of around 8 hours. In the fast charging mode, you will be able to charge your all-new Honda Activa Electric in just 1-2 hours. The highest speed of the vehicle is expected to rest at just 75 km/hr.

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