Compare Honda Activa 3G Vs Activa i

Last updated: September 24th, 2016

Honda Activa is now everyone’s favorite. If someone is referring to Activa, they are actually talking about Scooty. The word Scooty has been replaced by Activa. Honda Activa has become synonymous with scooty and it has been dominating the reign of scooter industry since last 16 years. With the launch of new variants of All new Honda Activa: Honda Activa 125, Honda Activa 3G and Honda Activa i.

Compare Honda Activa 3G Vs Activa i


The Honda Activa I is the latest of all and people are banking on the very new Honda Activa i. Honda Activa I has been able to gain the trust of its customers like other models have done it before. But, many people have already trusted the classic and reliable Honda Activa 3G. If you are the one who cannot decide between the two Honda Activa variants, then you should go through this article. We are comparing the Honda Activa series and you would be able to decide at the end of the article.


Price plays an important role when we are comparing the two best Honda Activa series’ models. The price of Honda Activa 3G is INR 49,900 in Delhi’s ex-showroom. The price of Honda Activa I is INR 47,000. The difference between Honda Activa 3G and Honda Activa I is of INR 3000. So, Honda Activa 3G must have something more to offer when compared to Honda Activa i.


When we are talking of cc, Honda Activa I always shies away. Honda Activa I has low cc engine when compared to any scooter of this price range. The low cost of Honda Activa I is due to low cc engine. On the other hand, Honda Activa 3G has 109 cc engine to sport. So, if displacement of the engine is what you want in your scooter, you should think about Honda Activa 3G.


As i Model and 3G Model belongs to same series of Honda Activa, the design is not much changed. The fuel tank capacity has been kept same in both the models. The fuel tank capacity is 5.3 L.


The mileage is where Honda Activa I is better. The cc of the engine is low but it gives a better mileage than Honda Activa 3G. The sole aim of Honda Activa I is to give the best possible mileage. The mileage that this latest variant of Honda Activa series gives is whooping 66 km. This mileage might come down to 60 kmpl when taken on Indian roads but this is a great mileage that a scooter can offer. On the other hand, Activa 3G’s petrol engine gives a promising mileage of 61 km/litre in laboratory conditions. On the road, the fuel efficiency is reduced to 55 km/litre but you can easily get a mileage of more than 40 km / litre whenever or wherever you want.


There is not much difference in the top speed of Honda Activa I and Honda Activa 3G. The top speed of the Honda Activa 3G is 85 kmph. On the other hand, Honda Activa I can reach the maximum speed of 82 kmph.

VERDICT : If you want greater mileage with low price, you can rely on Honda Activa i. But if performance and reliability is what you want, then you should go with Honda Activa 3G.


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