Activa Fuel Tank Capacity in Activa 3g, Activa 125 & I

Last updated: January 19th, 2017

Honda active India’s bestseller and has a long history of success and has a list of rivals in the present day. Of course, it provides best selling automatic scooter and also offers a good value for money in terms of looks, mileage, and comfort and build quality. Due to provide a lot of features in the vehicle they gets high famous among people.

If you are looking the best scooter in order to make your traveling happier as well as comfortable, you want to just consider different latest model Honda activa. If you are looking to purchase the latest model scooter, the following information will be helpful for you at the right time.

Fuel Tank Capacity with Mileage in Honda Active Models

Now, Honda is offering the activa in three different models such as activa 3G, activa 125 and activa I. these are the most considerable as well as latest model scooters offered by Honda with different amazing features. These models of the scooters have the duty to protect every segment and claim Honda’s victory over it. Each model has comes with different features in order to give the comfort for all people those who using it for different purposes.

When it comes to features and specifications of these three models of the scooters helps to understand the performance and its importance. There are many ways are available to choose the right model of the scooter, but comparing the features and specifications of the each model helps to find the best model easily.

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Honda Activa 3g Fuel Tank Capacity

Honda Activa 3g Fuel Tank Capacity

Honda offers the activa 3G a mileage increase of 15%. This model represents the pinnacle of the international manufacturer’s attempts to easily capture the scooter market. In addition, they spent energy and time perfecting the gearless scooter design to make it appeal to the all kinds of drivers.

Apart from that, it also shows some welcome and significant chances with a revamped tubular under bone chassis. The fuel tank also stores 5.3 litres of fuel and also giving about 240 km before you will need to refuel again. It is one of the comfortable scooters in the market to drive. Apart from that, its upright seat is comfortable and wide and pillion is expansive with well placed footrest. In addition, it comes with a key shutter and helps to insure it against theft easily. Apart from that, it also comes with different amazing features helps to make your traveling comfort as well as safety.

Honda Activa 125 Fuel Tank Capacity

Honda Activa 125 Fuel Tank Capacity

Activa 125 is the newest entry into the active lineup, which from is name clarifies easily. it also comes with telescopic forts and safer options. In addition, this model provides a lot of benefits for people in order to make the traveling comfort as well as happier. It has a mileage of 54kmpl and also a top speed of 85 kmph. In addition, it is also available in different colors such as midnight blue metallic blue, pearl amazing white, black and rebel red metallic. However, it comes with 125 cc engine in order to provide the best performance effectively without any hassle.

Honda Activa I Fuel Tank Capacity

Honda Activa I Fuel Tank Capacity

Activa i is probably more stylish version of the active. There are many cosmetic changes that one sees over the previous versions. The dimensions and engine remain the same but provide the best performance at the right time without any hassle. It offers better baking and also comes with combi back system. Its engine churns out 8bhp and also has light body returns a fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl. 

If you are searching the best model of scooter, you want to just consider these three types. These are the most important and highly famous models in these days. Apart from that, these models are highly suitable to everyone and also provide a lot of benefits and comfort for those who using it. Therefore, this is the right choice for people those who like to purchase the best scooter.



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