Activa 5G Lock System

Honda Activa 5G was launched recently in the country with a price tag of Rs. 52,400. The vehicle is the fifth generation iteration of India’s most popular and iconic Activa brand. The two-wheeler was launched with an array of new features like a headlamp cluster, rejuvenated colors and dedicated 4 in 1 locking system. The company has improved the security level of this vehicle to curb vehicle as well as petrol thefts, respectively. In this article, we will talk about the new Activa 5G Lock system in detail.

Activa 5G Lock – How to Open

What is 4 in 1 locking system?

The brand-new Activa 5G supports a 4 in one lock which also encapsulates a dedicated seat opening switch.

The casing also houses a start-release button, you are not required to take out the key and unlock the seat from the side.

The feature is a small yet an effective addition to the array of support.

How to Open Activa Seat lock?

Now, not only you will not require any extra lock on the side for your seat, you can now control the same with the help of a key. Locking and unlocking the seat is pretty simple, you can simply flick the key from either on mode or vice-versa to the desired marker made around the panel. As soon as you stroll over and press the button, the seat pops-up and gets unlocked. Customers around India who worry about getting their amenities stolen, this is a great feature by the two-wheeler giant Honda.

How to Open Activa 5g Steering Lock?

Shutter lock doesn’t shift by itself, you’re required to put the key inside at first. Once, you put the key inside, you can scroll down the shutter and steering will be unlocked as well. Further, when you rotate right the key, you can see that seat is open on the digital meter. Select the seat option an4-In-1 Lockd flick the key and the seat will get open.

How to Open Activa 5G Petrol Tank Lock?

You can access the petrol tank easily after you open the seat. You can also leverage the charger plug present inside the seat storage. Also, you’d be fascinated to know that seat lock option is given which can’t be cracked by intruders.

Activa 5G Lock System
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