8 Things to have for Activa Service at Home

Last updated: July 28th, 2022

Activa Service at HomeAs a two-wheeler enthusiast, you always have the option to take your Activa to a dealer for the purpose of getting it serviced. However, it would be wise to mention that, people these days are taking basic tasks like Activa service in their hands and are preferring a DIY i.e.

Do it Yourself approach. Always remember that no one will care about your vehicle and money as much as you might do. Therefore, if you perform Honda Activa service all by yourself, chances are high that it’d be a superior job.

What is Activa service schedule & How to service at Home?

Well, as a naive user, you’d be mostly performing the basic and easy tasks like checking the tire pressure, changing the oil, checking an array of bike fluids as well as changing the tires. A rider must know how to execute Activa service. In this article, we’ll talk about how to service Activa 5G, 4G & 3G as well as necessary tools required to execute the job in a splendid manner.

The below-mentioned tools might come handy when it comes to ensuring a seamless Activa service.

#1 Heavy Duty Gloves

Almost every other mechanic wear a pair of high-quality industrial grade gloves while performing any sort of mechanical operation. Well, it’s advisable to keep your hands safe from scratches as well as unwanted cuts.

You can prefer gloves made from nitrile or even latex as well. Further, you can easily dispose of them post job. Therefore, keep your hand protected from dirt, oil and accidents.

#2 Wrench and Socket Set

The maximum used tool, a set of wrench & socket are mandatory to reach to those tiniest of the bolts with added ease.

You can’t just take your hand anywhere, you’d require the short set of sockets to complete the job. For over 99% of the Activa applications, a wrench is required.

#3 Oil Filter Wrench

When it comes to Oil filter wrench, it can be said that it’s a speciality tool. What comes as an important fact is that, tightening the oil filter is of utmost importance as soon as you’re done with Engine oil change.333+

People generally make use of any ordinary wrench to tight the oil filters. But in most of the cases, they fail to do it perfectly.

Engine oil might leak or contaminants might enter the engine oil tank’s vicinity if the filter isn’t tightened properly.

=> Here is Best Engine Oil for Honda Activa

#4 Oil Drain Pan

A must-have tool to collect the oil when it comes to changing engine oil. An oil drain pan of 5 quartz capacity can be a good choice. One should take the old oil to a recycling centre and dispose of the same.

#5 Activa Stand or Jack

To do any service related task, you must have a stand or Jack to hold Activa in the uphold position.

You might leverage the centre stand, but a jack lifts the vehicle to a considerable height. This is what is needed to do the job easily.

=> You can buy This Stand from Honda Activa Accessories

#6 Rubber Mallet

It is obvious that Activa has many parts that you can’t just slam with a metal hammer. Therefore, a rubber mallet might come handy to apply force and make things right.

For example, you can tap the tires with the tool to align them.

#7 Torque Wrench

For the most crucial bolts in your Activa, a tightening level up to some specific foot lbs of torque is mandatory. For this purpose, you require a torque wrench. When you tighten a bolt, you can see the needle depicting the torque you’re applying.

#8 Tire Pressure Gauge

Last but not least, a tire pressure gauge is a must-have item when it comes to Honda Activa service.

If you’re looking forward to a longer tyre life as well as, a safer drive experience, keeping a check on your Activa’s tyre pressure with the help of a pressure gauge is necessary.

Check the Ideal Tyre pressure for Honda Activa here

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