Activa 5G Colours – [Explained] Which is Best Colour & Why

Honda has announced Activa 5G in 2018 with two new colours. This 2 new colours name are dazed yellow metallic and pearl Spartan red. There are total 8 colours for Activa 5g. If you are planning to buy activa soon and you don’t know which is best colours for activa 5g, then please explore the color chart contains all activa 5g colours with HD images.

All List of Colours: Before you decide the best colours, you should know the name of all colors variants available.

Here is List of all Activa 5G Colours

I will recommend checking Activa 4G colours as well. Also, If you want to compare Activa 4G with Activa 5G, Click here.

Best Colours: [Which] colours are best for Activa 5G & [Why]

To Choose the best, first of all, I recommend going with a colour which you are comfortable with or are your favorite.

But if you want to buy the high demand colours, Please turn around and see what kind of colours you see on activa and choose the one which you see most.

Colours like White and red are regular colours and are a hot favorite for activa rider all across india . Also, these colours give you a good price if planning to sell afterward.

So according to me, the Best colours of Activa 5g is White & red. Would love to hear about your choice!

As colour will be the second thing you will think about, Once you have made choice you may like to check out quick features and price of Activa 5G as below.

Here are 5 Best Features

  1. 5G will come with LED headlamp, 18 Litre storage, Combi brake & mobile charging socket.
  2. New 5G Activa will have a digital-analog meter
  3. Two New Colour – Dazzle Yellow Metallic and Pearl Spartan Red
  4. Two Shopping bag hook.
  5. Easy Seat Opening

Activa 5G Price

on-road price of Rs. 56,000/- (ex-showroom price for Delhi and major cities) for Honda Activa 5g STD model and for DLX model, the company is offering a price tag of Rs. 58000 (Check out what is the difference between STD and DLX model)

More Detail about Activa 5G Colours with Photos

Check out all 8 colors of Activa 5g with HD images and their name.

#1 Dazzle Yellow Metallic 

Honda has introduced this new colour with Activa 5G. This is not available in earlier version of Activa 4G. So if you want to look apart this can be your new colour.

#2 New Pearl Spartan Red

Along with Yellow, you will find new colour in activa 5g is Spartan red. Red is considered to be aggressive colour and I would suggest if you of kind of person who carries such passion, this is to go colours for your new vehicle


#3 Majestic Brown Metallic

Brown activa is what you will not see quite often. This is colour of selective mind. Go for it if you the one who likes to go apart

#4 Matte Selen Silver Metallic

A decent and rich colour offered by honda which metallic finish gives a premium touch to this new activa 5G. You can also find the same colour in activa 4G as well.

#5 Pearl Amazing White

A regular colour you will most activa often. The colour carries decent look with style. This is one of the best selling colour of activa in India

#6 Trance Blue Metallic

Preferably to attract men who want to drive the scooter with personality.

#7 Matte Axis Grey Metallic

#8 Black

Again, the choice is personal and thoughts are mine. Let me know what you feel about the colours of your activa or what colour you are going to buy? Would love to hear your reason and story.

Image Source: Official Website

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