What is New in Activa 5G? – This 5 Features

Honda realizes this time is a high time to launch a new Activa model and refresh their best seller. Therefore, they innovate a new Honda Activa model that is Activa 5G. You will experience something new with this upcoming Honda Activa model as it will be launched with lots of unique

Honda Activa Fuel Tank Capacity – Activa 5G, 4G, 3G & 125

Honda Activa Fuel Tank Capacity - Honda is a very popular automobile brand in India.  The brand is known for its two-wheeler products which are designed to meet the various needs of its Indian consumers. Activa scooters are one the best selling vehicles in Honda’s portfolio and the reason behind it

Activa 4G Colours – 7 Best Selling & Latest Colours

When you look at it for once you can hardly spot the difference but this is only when you are looking a basic colour. As the New 4G update now got its various colours. Activa 4G still continues with the conservative style scheme of its older variants. The Activa 4G

Compare Activa 5G – Compare with Top 10 Scooter

Good news for all those who were waiting for Honda to announce the new version of Honda Activa 5G.  Recently in auto expo 2018, Honda uncovered the Activa 5G and will start delivering it to dealers all across India. So if you are planning to buy a scooter and having a difficult

Honda Activa CNG – Check Price & Launch Below

Honda Activa CNG - As a Part of Pilot Project, A Honda Activa CNG will hit the Road soon in India. Honda Activa CNG Price will depend on the kit you are going to buy. Honda Activa is chosen seeing its popularity and easy to drive. with 50 Activa as starting,