Activa Top Speed – All You Need to Know

Activa Top Speed

Even after the 17 years post its launch, the Honda Activa is still on the top. In this article, we will talk about the Activa top speed and we will also compare those with its competitors. Activa 5G, 4G, 3G & 125 Top Speed It can be said that over and over again, Honda

Honda Activa Mileage – [All Models]

“What is Honda Activa Mileage” This question is what we encounter whenever someone inquires about the activa. Actually, it is in the veins of Indians to ask about the mileage. Even before buying a bike or scooter, mileage plays an important role in it. If a scooter gives less mileage

10 Best Seat Cover for Honda Activa

Best Honda Activa Seat Cover - So you are ready to ride your new Activa with latest features but what about its  Seat Cover? A Seat cover for a two wheeler plays an important role as it confirms the security from any damage, ensures comfort while riding and the most

Modified Honda Activa You Would Love To Checkout

There is nothing as wonderful as driving Modified Honda Activa. It simply gives individuals a real pleasure of the ride. They just enjoy being along for the ride on Honda Activa. This motor vehicle makes all your adventures fun-filled and interesting. Some people just like their original Activa with its

Honda Activa 4G – [10 Points] You Need to Know

Will you agree if I say Activa 4G is Best Scooty in India? And If you decided to buy Honda Activa 4G, Your [Decision is 100% Correct]. Isn't it? Well, if you are here to check Activa 4G detail, I have covered Activa 4G in 10 points.  Pretty enough! Or in Hurry? Check Quick Video Review

Honda Activa I

Activa i is the latest of all the models of Honda Activa series. Honda Activa I has been manufactured keeping the super mileage in mind. It is cheaper than other models of Honda Activa. Moreover, it is even lighter than its companions. Although, Activa I has not seen many changes

Honda Activa Engine Oil – [Complete Guide]

According to reliable sources, more than 22% of vehicles on Indian roads have low or dirty engine oil. When it comes to ensuring the viability of your activa, it would be wise to say that proactively changing the activa engine oil can be your out of the box pick. Engine

8 Things to have for Activa Service at Home

Activa Service at Home

As a two-wheeler enthusiast, you always have the option to take your Activa to a dealer for the purpose of getting it serviced. However, it would be wise to mention that, people these days are taking basic tasks like Activa service in their hands and are preferring a DIY i.e.

17 Best Honda Activa 4G Accessories – [Shop Online]

honda activa 4g accessories-124

Well, you can certainly make activa 4g more attractive with this 17 accessories. Apart from a look, this activa 4g accessories gives safety and support: Below I have shortlisted 17 Accessories your activa would love to wear & You too don't forget to wear a helmet. Read on : Honda Activa 4G Accessories -

Activa Chassis Number Location – [How & Where] to Find it

It would be wise to say that, chassis number or vehicle identification number is an important marking for your Activa. It comprises of numbers from various factors, from the place of manufacturing by the company to the country/state of origin, everything can be derived from a chassis number. Activa Chassis Number Not