Activa Side Stand – Check Price & How to Fit [Video]

3 month back I upgraded my old activa with new activa 5G, It was a smooth ride then came to stop, I tried to side stand and boom, there was no side stand in my activa. :o I returned, asked dealer why there is no side stand in my Activa? And to

Activa 5G Colors (2) Best Selling Activa 5G Colours

Before you decide on the best activa 5g colors, you should know the name of all colours variants available. Here is List of all Activa 5G Colors   2 Best Selling Colors [Which] colors are best for Activa 5G? & [Why]? To Choose the best selling colour, first of all, I recommend going with a

How to Start Honda Activa?

how to start activa

Those who recently purchased Activa 5G,  Activa 4G, Activa 3G or Activa 125 and get shocked, that they are not able to start Activa merely pressing the start button. Well, you need to understand the mechanism of Activa which is auto gear and for that reason, you cannot start directly with push button.

GPS Tracker for Activa

Yesterday I was checking comment on this blog and one of our reader Ngachonmi wrote about the incident where his activa has been stolen and he has no idea how to track it. If he would have GPS Tracker for Activa, he would have easily track it. below is his exact

Honda Activa Models 2018

Since the first Activa model, Honda has launched various another model with improvement and changes. The latest model is Honda Activa 5G, launched with 2 new color and other features. Honda is known for their innovation and quality after sales service and thus activa become no 1 selling two-wheelers with

Electric Activa [Expected] Launch Date, Price & Specification

In a recent development in the two-wheeler segment in the country, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India are reportedly associating to develop an all-new Honda Activa Electric trim. Although we all have already seen the Honda electric scooter in India, now it’s expected that the best-selling Activa is subjected to an

Activa 5G Lock System

Honda Activa 5G was launched recently in the country with a price tag of Rs. 52,400. The vehicle is the fifth generation iteration of India’s most popular and iconic Activa brand. The two-wheeler was launched with an array of new features like a headlamp cluster, rejuvenated colors and dedicated 4

How to get Honda Activa on EMI? Documents & Procedure

When it comes to buying a two-wheeler like Honda Activa 5G in India, making a full payment might not be viable for everybody. It would be wise to mention that scooters in the country are expensive and they can literally push budget limitations for many in our country. Well, what

Activa 5G Charger – Check Price & [Shop Online]

Smartphones today are an integral part of our lives. As Honda Motors continues to surpass its competitors in the two-wheeler segment of the country, the company is looking forward to making life easier for us. Reportedly the company has introduced Activa 5G charger in an all-new Honda Activa 5G which can

Activa Specification – [All Models]

Activa Specification

Activa is the scooter which India loves, since its inception, the vehicle is garnering more & number of users. Today, Honda has a huge user-base in the country, most of the credit goes to the Honda Activa. The 2 wheeler segment is booming with the latest additions from Honda Motors