8 Things to have for Activa Service at Home

Activa Service at Home

As a two-wheeler enthusiast, you always have the option to take your Activa to a dealer for the purpose of getting it serviced. However, it would be wise to mention that, people these days are taking basic tasks like Activa service in their hands and are preferring a DIY i.e.

17 Best Honda Activa 4G Accessories – [Shop Online]

honda activa 4g accessories-124

Well, you can certainly make activa 4g more attractive with this 17 accessories. Apart from a look, this activa 4g accessories gives safety and support: Below I have shortlisted 17 Accessories your activa would love to wear & You too don't forget to wear a helmet. Read on : Honda Activa 4G Accessories -

Activa Chassis Number Location – [How & Where] to Find it

It would be wise to say that, chassis number or vehicle identification number is an important marking for your Activa. It comprises of numbers from various factors, from the place of manufacturing by the company to the country/state of origin, everything can be derived from a chassis number. Activa Chassis Number Not

Activa 5G Price, Mileage, Colours & Features

Activa 5G is launched, Price is 52000 to 54000. Wait if you are planning to buy Activa 4G?  It is available now in the showroom. You can book for 5G now.  [Quick Links] Price | Specifications | Features | Images| Mileage| Compare |Colours |Fuel Tank Capacity | Top Speed| Ground Clearance Activa 5G [Top 5] features 5G will come with LED headlamp, 18 Litre storage,

How to Switch off Activa 5G & 4G Headlight?

How to switch off Activa 4g headlight

I guess you are one of the many who really pissed off with headlight being on even in the daytime and Want to know how to switch off Activa 4g headlight ?! Well, I want to tell you that there is no system to switch off the headlight and it is